Brochure Designing Trends for 2013

Brochure design, if implemented properly, can give a tremendous boost to your marketing activities. The purpose of a brochure is to create a brand image for your organization so that it is easily recognizable by clients. For all practical purposes, a printed publicity material should be sleek, visually attractive and textually informative. As it is a combination of different aspects, careful thoughts go behind its creation.


For detailed product descriptions catalogues are ideal. These publicity materials are provided with covers as added attractions. Companies … [ Read More ]



Android Apps makes Designers jobs Distinctive

Android offers an exciting and interesting platform for brochure designers. Making   an application appear and function creditably across multiple communicating devices with distinctive features such as pixel density or display size is a challenging task. Diversity provided by Android is not only unlimited but also offers designers a gratifying experience in creating applications for different devices. The significance of Android applications lies in their versatility offered to a brochure designer.

Visual Appearance

An essential item of designing is its visual appeal. Most designers rely on … [ Read More ]


7 Factors for Beautiful Leaflet Design

Leaflet can be a great offline marketing tool but its success depends on your ability as a designer. A good leaflet design grabs viewers’ attention, makes them interested in the product or service you are offering and influences them to take an action such as call a number, visit a website or place an order.

Professional leaflets can really make a difference and increase your company’s revenue. Don’t forget that consumers form an idea about the quality of your business by viewing the marketing materials … [ Read More ]