Overview of Roll Fold Brochure Design

The principal idea behind a roll fold brochure design is having a comprehensive printed marketing material that opens up gradually to give an organized layout. A comparison with a tri-fold type comes in automatically which has six panels. As against six panels in a tri-fold leaflet, a roll fold might have more panels with successive ones rolling or folding into the previous one. When rolled out, the panels relate a series of events or information in orderly manner.

Generally, a roll fold leaflet when spread … [ Read More ]


Brochure Design Services is an Innovative Process

 Brochures are used extensively for advertising products or services, providing travel information to tourists, and offering health advice to patients. Brochure design services are thus not mundane and involve substantial creativity and focus. In many cases these printed materials are given out as handouts to guests and dignitaries in a convention or attendees in a seminar. These printed materials could be single sheet in form of pamphlets, bi-fold, tri-fold, fanfold, or z-fold. Designers not only help you in deciding on the contents of these brochures … [ Read More ]



A Pamphlet Design to Woo Your Targeted Audience

Brochures are among the most widely used printed publicity materials for reaching out to your target audience. A well made pamphlet design should always be focussed, attractive and purposeful. The advantage of using pamphlets as advertising materials is their convenient distribution be it in form of mailers or showroom flyers. Distinctive feature of pamphlets is their one page format printed on both sides.

Eye catchers – These brochures must essentially be designed in eye-catching manners. Unlike catalogues, these one page flyers focus on any particular … [ Read More ]



Guide to Crowdsourcing Brochure Design

Crowdsourcing of brochure design is gradually gaining in popularity as an acceptable way of outsourcing designing jobs. Outsourcing is a way of getting jobs done at affordable rates and within definite time periods. Normally while giving out jobs, you select an individual or company from among various service producers. The case is no different for tri fold brochure design.

Significance of Crowdsourcing

For crowdsourcing it is essential to post view through different websites that offer to do brochure designing service at competitive rates. These designers … [ Read More ]



Creation of Digital Brochures

In this age of online marketing, it is wise to publicize online. Producers and marketers of goods and services are resorting to online marketing in greater numbers to reach out to existing and potential buyers. Compared to printed variety, online type is delivered faster and more cost effectively. Designers in keeping with this trend are devoting more of their resources to creating such publicity materials. Corporations likewise are surely and consciously moving over to online marketing. Corporate brochure design as such has evolved as the … [ Read More ]



Importance of Professional E-cards

Days of sending greetings cards by posts are nearing their ends as individuals prefer sending online cards. Options are wider for e-cards as compared to printed varieties and cheaper too. Creation of these cards is a specialized task and done by a brochure design company. These designers using latest tools create cards that are visually tempting and contextually innovative.

Greetings cards are usually sent during festivals such as Christmas, Diwali, New Year or ceremonies like birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements. Each of these varieties is designed … [ Read More ]



How to Design a Pamphlet in 8 Easy Steps

A pamphlet is a useful marketing tool that can relay an important message about your business and help you influence consumers’ buying decision. It does not cost much and as it is distributed directly to the potential buyers, they pay attention to the message.

Here are some pamphlet design suggestions for you.

  •  Decide the focus and purpose of your pamphlet. Most of the times, marketers use it to educate consumers or to sell a product/service. The pamphlet encourages customers to take an action such as
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