Choose Between Bi-fold and Tri-fold Brochure Designs Carefully

The choice between bi-fold and tri fold brochure design could be critical depending upon your exact need. Each of these two forms has definitive purposes and it is up to your decision or the decision of your advertiser as to which one should meet your purpose. Brochure is a point of sales material used widely by manufacturers of goods and services across nations and continents.


Features of a Bi-fold brochure

A bi-fold printed publicity material essentially has a single fold with four panels. Panel … [ Read More ]



Make your Flyers Outstanding

Flyers are single page marketing materials used for specific promotional purposes such as inauguration of show room, organization of an exhibition, or offering of a stock clearance discount. Flyer design is a specialized activity and involves advanced techniques and innovative thinking. These are point of sales items and need to be created in a manner that they are attractive and striking.

Use of Striking Colors

As flyers are single page marketing material they must appear appealing. Images and contents need to be composed in colors … [ Read More ]