Smart Tips for Creating a Killer Brochure

Have you ever thought why most top businesses take the help of brochure design services for designing their brochures when they themselves could have done it? After all, nobody knows their business better than them. This is because they may know their business but do not know what, how much and how to present, which will make customers sit up and read the brochure thoroughly. The following is a compilation of things that may help you when you are designing your company brochure.


Use of

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Five Qualities Of An Unforgettable Logo

When you think about portable media players, what is the first name that comes to your mind? Apple iPod, I guess. Ever wondered why? There are already so many portable MP3 players in the market and most of them are priced below iPod; then what makes iPod one of the most memorable products? The answer lies in its logo, not with the quality and features it offers. When a customer buys an iPod, he loves to flaunt that half eaten apple. That is the power [ Read More ]



Catalog or Pamphlet: Which One is Better for Business Promotion?

When it comes to offline business marketing, you have several options such as newspaper ads, banner ads, pamphlet, catalog etc. All of these marketing mediums are useful and help you send out the promotional message to the target audience. However, for some businessmen, it’s not possible to invest in all types of print marketing and they must choose one option. While there is a clear distinction between all other types of printed promotional materials, most people get confused whether they should invest money in pamphlet [ Read More ]



Printed Brochures or Online Brochures: Which is better?

Even a small business can get considerable credibility by getting a professional e brochure design. Today, any person who has even nominal skills in computers can create a brochure or flier with the help of pre-designed templates that are included in the desktop publishing programs. Fliers can be distributed in two ways, online and in the traditional printed form. Both of these have certain merits and demerits that need to be considered.


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