13 Mind Blowing Tri-fold Brochure Design Concepts To Promote your Business.

It’s been a long time since you last promoted your business in a full-fledged manner and want to indulge in the game again. There are a few products you want to promote and what can be better than brochure designing?  It’s affordable and easy. This is exactly what I did. Yes, you are right, I adopted the strategy of sending e-brochures to my target audiences. In no time, did my store start having a considerable amount of client footfall? These days, tri-fold brochures are in … [ Read More ]



Essential Elements To Make Brochure Design More Effective

Is it true that the requirement for physical brochures has vaporized in the era of digital innovation? Think again before coming up with a conclusion! How to make the people aware about your business services and products when meeting face-to-face at some events or trade fairs? Yes, verbal communication would do the part, but that’s not sufficient. Physical brochures would definitely make the prospects more aware about the services and options your business offer; and that too, without going the digital way. It’s all in … [ Read More ]



What Are The Various Strategies of Brochure Marketing?

It is not without a reason that brochures are still a popular marketing material in this digital world. The prime reason for its popularity is that there are few other mediums that allow you to present your message in such a compact and portable manner. Do you think that brochure design is all about what you want to say about your business? Well, no. It is rather about what you want the audience to do.


It is not enough just to know who your … [ Read More ]



5 Ways Smart Businesses makes a Great Impression with Brochure Design

Brochures are the calling cards of companies. Having an impressive brochure helps make the company or business carve a niche out for itself. It makes a good impression not only on the minds of the customers but also carries a unique identity that may be the cynosure of the competitors as well. To make this valuable communication tool effective there are some techniques that you can resort to and make your brochure design stand out from the rest and help attract customers.


Determining the Target

[ Read More ]



Six Tips to Design an Eye Catching Poster

Marketing experts take the help of different marketing mediums to promote a business to the target audience. Some concentrate on brochure design while some some opt for email marketing to save money.

Whether you will take the online or offline path for business promotion is completely your choice, but if you want true brand visibility, it is always better to invest in offline marketing. An online banner stays visible only for a few seconds before the user skips to another page, but a poster stays [ Read More ]



Five Qualities Of An Unforgettable Logo

When you think about portable media players, what is the first name that comes to your mind? Apple iPod, I guess. Ever wondered why? There are already so many portable MP3 players in the market and most of them are priced below iPod; then what makes iPod one of the most memorable products? The answer lies in its logo, not with the quality and features it offers. When a customer buys an iPod, he loves to flaunt that half eaten apple. That is the power [ Read More ]



Features of a Professional Brochure

Brochures have been a favorite medium for small and big businesses alike for their amazing effectiveness as well as due to the fact that they do not cause a huge dent in the pocket. If you are a start-up business that cannot afford spending a huge amount of money on newspaper and television advertising, then having nice brochures and circulating them can do the trick. A brochure design that is good can help you in ways that even the other media can’t. For effective brochure … [ Read More ]



Tips to Turn Brochure into a Lead Generating Machine

Brochure is a marketing tool that is used by almost any business, but there are only a few who can manage to create an effective brochure design and use the tool to its best capacity. It is a marketing tool that can be used in several ways, that is why companies print several types of brochures and pamphlets. However, that does not mean small businesses that are on a tight budget need to force themselves to print several types of brochures. Instead, they can get … [ Read More ]



Is a Tagline a Must for a Logo?

A logo is made special by a tagline which is also referred to as slogan or strapline. Taglines convey something special about the concerned brand along with the company behind it. An ideal tagline is that which makes you think, smile or offers a smart twist on the brand. Classic examples would be ‘I’m Lovin It’ of McDonalds or ‘Just Do It’ of Nike. Some slogans are as popular as the logo. Thus, while using your company’s logo in brochure design or any other promotional … [ Read More ]



Choosing the Appropriate Brochure Design for your Business and Brand

A brochure acts as a wonderful medium for the promotion of a company or business. These promotional materials are extremely convenient to be used by business professionals as well as their clients. This promotional tool is, in fact, a reflection of you and your brand and the identity of the brand can be made or broken with this tool. Thus, it is extremely important that the brochure design for your company is done perfectly so that it impresses the clients and delivers to your company … [ Read More ]


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