Brochure Types

The term 'brochure' may conjure up the image of a piece of paper with a few images and texts printed on it, but it is this piece of paper that can make or break your offline marketing.

Brochure types and their importance

Brochures are of different types and each has got a different role to play. Hence, it is very important that you have a clear conception about the various functions of the brochures before you opt for one. Budget, target audience, purpose, etc. are the main factors that determine the type of brochure that you should choose. For instance, it won't look good if you are an owner of a big business and start distributing flyers to your clients; similarly, distributing gate-fold brochures will be too expensive. So, you need to go for a type that suits your business in all ways. In order to make the task of choosing easy for you, we have included distinct section for each of the brochure type. Below are the some of the most frequently used types for you.

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