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If you are looking to market your products and services in an instant, in an innovative manner, e-brochure can be a great option for you. Imagine promoting your products and services to a client, who is present in a different continent. Don't you think it is great? Brochure Guru allows you to reach a wide audience base, with its e-brochure design services, and lets your customers browse through your offerings, whenever they want and get in touch, with you.

E-Brochures behave like regular hard copies of traditional brochures, with the simple difference that they are not held in hand, but viewed on a PC or a mobile device screen. So, it is no less in potential than a traditional printed brochure. In fact, the former has got much in store than the latter. While brochures include images and text, e-brochures incorporate videos and audios, as well.

E-brochures or online brochure designs can activate your mental faculty and visual sphere to the images and colours on the marketing tool. Our e-mailable and cost-effective e-brochures can boost your audience conversion and retention capability. Every brochure designer at Brochure Guru ensures a complete picture of your message through our interactive and engaging platform. With us as your marketing partner, you can confidently tap on the emotions and the buying decision of your audiences.

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Why should you choose online brochure design?

In the present information-driven world, keeping your target audience well-informed and updated about your business with an affordable, yet effective marketing tool is indeed a boon of technology.

The various reasons why you should choose an e-brochure as your marketing medium are as follows:

  • This one does not need to be printed; hence, involves lesser expenses.
  • It is easy to distribute and duplicate.
  • It is easy to modify and update.
  • Convenient and easy to distribute, either by sending a link via email or via a CD.
  • Your content is protected. Users cannot copy and paste your text for their personal use.
  • It can be displayed on your site as a .html page.

How can your business benefit from Brochure Guru's e brochure design services?

Each and every brochure designer creates customized online brochures for you. Our team head listens to your requirements; sends you a quote and begins the work after you give a nod.

  • We offer the quickest possible service that you can get in the industry. Our designers need just two working days to prepare the design concepts. However, if you are in a hurry, we can do the same for you, within one working day.
  • We believe in satisfying our clients. Hence, revisions are offered depending on the package that you have chosen.
  • We do not use the conventional methods for online brochure design, but utilize advanced software to get you better results, faster.
  • We work at an affordable rate.

At Brochure Guru, we offer efficacious e-brochure design services that merge the latest technology, with human skill, so that you get the e-brochure you want.


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