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To begin with, we would first like to define a leaflet. We have often found clients not being able to understand what is the difference between a leaflet and brochure. Unlike the latter, it is an unbound booklet that is printed on either sides or just one. It generally comes in a much thinner paper variant than does a brochure or some other corporate literature. Professional leaflets design is often used as a part of a wide advertising strategy, and are handed out in public places, such as at an exhibition, shopping mall or at a promotional event. These basically promote products, services, offers, etc.

It can come in various sizes which may include A4, A5, A6, or DL, and often an affordable choice for marketing due to its printability in huge quantities. We, at Brochure Guru, are capable of creating effective leaflets that grab your potential consumers' attention.

Why are leaflets so important for building your brand?

There is no use keeping your business a secret. Instead, the more you let people discover it, the greater brand recognition it will be able to earn for itself. If you do not want to go big on your marketing right now; or want to use an affordable marketing tool simultaneously with an expensive one, leaflet can be a good option. It gives you a direct, affordable and measurable way to reach more customers.

  • Direct: Leaflet is something that your customers get at their homes. It is not an annoying phone call or a jingle that irritates them. They get it in their hands and read it whenever they want to.
  • Affordable: Making leaflets cost you very little money.
  • Measurable: Leaflets offer measurable results. However, for that you should distribute them at a time when they are likely to get responses.

Why should you choose Brochure Guru's leaflets design services?

  • We understand your specifications: Our team never begins the work before interviewing you about your marketing goals; otherwise, we won't be able to produce the best leaflet design. The specifications that you give are treated as Bible during the creation of your leaflet.
  • We are precise in our content creation: Leaflets do not allow too much space; nonetheless, a lot can be expressed through it. People anyway do not like to read much. Our team focuses on creating a catchy headline, which depicts the benefits of your product or service. Followed by this we stress on a relevant image and a little body of text that explains your offers in a nutshell.
  • We offer customer satisfaction: Not only we work according to your specifications, but also provide you with free modification. We get the job done at a very reasonable price, so that you do not have to think much before handing us the project.

Brochure Guru has been in the industry for quite a long time, thus, knows how to create a customized leaflet that serves its purpose. Email us to experience the best leaflet design services.


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