Brochure Design: Tips For Small Business

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Brochure makes one of the most effective marketing tools that have the power to work wonders for your small business. It not only helps build a strong brand image but also acts as an instrument to reach out to a wide client base easily and effectively. Even in today’s age of web marketing, brochure makes an important need that gives the required boost to your company, especially if it is

29th Jan, 2011

Designing a Brochure? Are you done with Market Research?

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Are you designing a brochure for your business? Did you say yes? Then have you done a brief market survey? If not the brochure you are designing may not be of much use. Brochure is a marketing material. It is a kind of leaflet that is handed over to people. Sometimes marketers send brochures to the consumers who have asked information about a product or service. And sometimes brochures are

19th Jan, 2011