Free Tools That Can Aid Brochure Designers

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You generally think of Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, Gimp, vector image editing software, etc. when you think graphic designing. However, brochure designers often have other standard tools in stock; be it a tool for selecting a colour scheme, or font tools, batch processing tools, there's always another tool to help them in their strive for creating better brochure designs. It should be noted

5th Feb, 2014

Effective Tips to Make Brochure an Important Marketing Tool

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Though the present arena of marketing is dominated by several new tools like electronic and online, the good old brochure or pamphlet still continues to be a popular offline marketing tool that businesses swear by. Brochure designers are, hence, very much in demand now. Marketing is not just about creating and maintaining customer base. Online marketing can undoubtedly help you do that but

17th Sep, 2013

Six Logo Design Mistakes That Can Spoil a Designer’s Career

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Unlike brochure designers who play with colors and images only, graphic designers have to create a logo by using colors, fonts and symbols intelligently. The brand value of a company depends on the visual appeal of its emblem. If you are a graphic designer and have forayed into the field of logo design very recently, here are a few mistakes you must avoid while designing a brand insignia.

11th Sep, 2013

Quintessence of a Professional Brochure Design

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To leave a long lasting impression, marketing professionals do so much to bring advancements in their marketing strategies. But they don’t realize small things can do great wonders in a business. Just like your business card, brochures and leaflets are unique marketing tools. These are the best way to promote a company and that too without the need of a heavy budget. These tiny booklets t

8th Sep, 2011

Make a Successful Marketing Campaign with Effective Brochure Design

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Brochures are great marketing materials if they are made and designed well. A bad brochure design might have an extremely bad impression on the mind of the customer. Thus, it is very important that while designing a brochure certain points have to be remembered and some guidelines have to be followed. An experienced and efficient brochure designer will make sure that these things are implem

18th Aug, 2011