8 Best iPad Apps for Proficient Designers to Keep Creativity on the Go

With the evolution of these latest gadgets like iPad, it has been the greatest companion for all designers. The richness of the large multi-touch screen accompanied by some of the best apps does make a designer to feel special and to illustrate his skill and creativity.

Hence, some of the ideal apps are highlighted below that will help designers to show his creativity right from jotting down notes to sketching on papers, all can be done in one.

Penultimate: This is the ultimate app … [ Read More ]



Brochure Design Services for Successful Brochures

Designing a successful brochure is not easy and certainly should not be tried by you if you are not familiar with graphic design. Brochures, after all, have to pass three lengths of attention. First, when someone sees it in the mailbox or on a rack- this is the “read me now” phase. Second, when the viewer decides whether the brochure is worth it- this is the “quick scan” phase. Third, when the viewer decides that it is worthy enough to be read- this is the … [ Read More ]

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