Choose Between Bi-fold and Tri-fold Brochure Designs Carefully

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The choice between bi-fold and tri fold brochure design could be critical depending upon your exact need. Each of these two forms has definitive purposes and it is up to your decision or the decision of your advertiser as to which one should meet your purpose. Brochure is a point of sales material used widely by manufacturers of goods and services across nations and continents.

Features of a Bi-fold brochure

A bi-fold printed publicity material essentially has a single fold with four panels. Panel size is large and often contains images. This kind of publicity material is used when audience targeted is limited and distribution is either in the form of hand delivery or through retail stores. These leaflets are more specific and highlight on one or two aspects of a product or service.

The appearance of a bi-fold pamphlet is demanding as compared to a tri-fold type and is created to attract the attention of more serious customers. This variety of point of sales material ideally focuses on only a couple of aspects. These could be used as follow-up materials and distributed among a selected few.

Features of Tri-fold Brochures

Tri fold brochure design is used for addressing a larger target. A tri-fold pamphlet has two folds and six panels. They are designed in a manner to be distributed by hand, by mail or through showroom shelves. With six panels, an advertiser has greater flexibility in using them in providing greater information. Front panel is typically used for displaying company logo and any tag line, while the last panel is used for mentioning contact details. The interior panels are usually used for highlighting features of a product or service.

This category of designing is typically used while launching a product. The reach of this point of sales material is much wider as these are more convenient to carry and distribute. These having a slimmer outline could also be mailed to prospective and existing buyers. The format is also convenient to be stacked in showrooms or retail store shelves to be picked up by interested buyers.

Common Features

Features must be visually appealing to attract attention of willing buyers. Use of crisp type font, contrasting background, neat images, and outstanding captions are features of an acceptable brochure. They must look tempting even from a distance. It must be noted that as these are publicity material, content must be convincing and purposeful. Language used should be lucid and easily comprehensible. As these are meant for publicity, only highlighting features need to be mentioned. Unnecessary details of commodities or services should be avoided as these make pamphlets clumsy and uninviting. Enough bleeding space must be kept to lend an overall clean image to your brochure.

Material used for printing these pamphlets should be of superior quality so as to create a convincing advertising material. Paper used could be glossy or with matte finish depending upon your choice. Colours used must not smudge or get spoilt easily when wet.

With all these considerations in mind, you could easily choose between a bi-fold and tri-fold brochure design for your marketing purpose.

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