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Flyers are single page marketing materials used for specific promotional purposes such as inauguration of show room, organization of an exhibition, or offering of a stock clearance discount. Flyer design is a specialized activity and involves advanced techniques and innovative thinking. These are point of sales items and need to be created in a manner that they are attractive and striking.

Use of Striking Colors

As flyers are single page marketing material they must appear appealing. Images and contents need to be composed in colors that are striking to your eyes. Graphics are ideally designed in bright and striking colors. Backgrounds and texts should be in contrasting shades such that the publicity material is easily recognizable even from a distance.

Catchy Headlines

Flyers have limited life and are distributed extensively. As these are meant for highlighting a particular event a catchy headline grabs the attention of discerning buyers. Headlines should be witty, interesting, and compelling. Care must also be taken that these titles are related to the text of the brochure.

Focus on Benefits

Customers are motivated to buy products or services based on their actual or perceived benefits. Listing of these benefits in highlighted form helps advertisers in capturing the attention of consumers. These benefits could relate to an individual or to a community and are ideally distinctive. It is important to script these benefits in a striking font such that it draws the attention of readers.

Use of Contrasting Colors

Different shades might be used for highlighted points, normal content, and titles for making your flyer design outstanding. For bullet points, bullets could be in the form of tiny images while consecutive points might be scripted in alternative shades. If borders are needed thy might be created in a different color from those of type fonts. Background space in white helps in enhancing the appearance of your brochure.

Proof reading

As flyers are meant for drawing immediate attention they should be proof read well before being finally printed. Proof reading not only involves correction of spellings, but also checking the entire layout of images, text, and highlighted points. Appearance of your publicity material should be elegant and catchy. Spacing of paragraphs, arranging of highlighted points, and distribution of images are to be done thoughtfully such that the entire flyer is appealing.

Maintain Simplicity

Simplicity is the crux word of a point of sales material. As the objective of a single page brochure is to grab immediate attention of end-users, language should be kept simple yet compelling. Relevant statements need only be made and details avoided. Details remove the focus and make the purpose of a flyer go to waste.

Flyer design is a specialized task and is best done by tested and skilled professionals. As these are meant for grabbing the attention of prospective buyers the best individuals in this business should be appointed for this job.

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3th Jun, 2013

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