Some Unpardonable Mistakes Made in Flyer Design

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You must have heard of the phrase, ‘the wise learns from the mistakes of other people.’ This has so much relevance when you talk about designing flyers. This is because some companies make certain seemingly insignificant but unpardonable errors while designing flyers or brochures. If you are in the process of creating one, you should refrain from these mistakes as they can mar the whole purpose of flyer design. This prompts the question, what are these mistakes? Let us have a look at them:

  • Text that cannot be read easily:

It can be difficult to read a brochure if the font chosen for the text is too small or of a light color. You should never choose a font that cannot be easily read at first glance for the headline. This is because it is the first thing that is noticed by readers and so if it is confusing or incomprehensible, it can result in driving them away. Also, you should not use more than 3 fonts in a flyer. The more, the merrier clearly does not work in this case!

  • No contact information:

This is one common mistake made by companies. They are so interested in showcasing their products/services and highlighting their USP that they forget this simple but essential requirement. The primary purpose of designing a brochure is to arouse interest among potential customers about a product or service, thereby prompting them to take action. Now, if you do not provide any contact information or the one provided by you are not very detailed, it can amount to lost opportunities.

  • Copy that does not sell:

There is no substitute to a compelling copy. The content has to be written in such a manner so as to address the queries likely to be raised in the minds of your prospective customers. Flyer design is all about using power words that attract the eyes of readers instantly and help in making a statement stronger.

  • Copy that tries to sell too hard:

There is nothing more irritating than a nagging salesman. Just because you are not present in person should not prompt you to believe that you can adopt a hard-sell approach for your brochure. Written words can be as powerful as spoken ones. Therefore, refrain from being too pushy while writing the copy. Adopt a moderate approach instead.

  • Grammatical errors or misspelled words:

 This is a strict no-no. Nothing can be more destructive than a brochure that is full of grammatical mistakes or words that are not spelt properly. One way in which this problem can be avoided is proofreading the copy repeatedly. Check everything from your name and contact details to the text and headline to make sure everything is perfect.

  • Too much clutter:

Clutter can make any design look undesirable, confusing, unreadable and unprofessional. One common reason why designs get cluttered is that people try to incorporate everything they can in such a limited space. However, you have to understand it is not meant to describe everything; its purpose is something else and it should be kept that way for maximum effectiveness.

Take care not to commit these simple but common mistakes in flyer design and you can expect this marketing tool to fulfill its job perfectly.


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29th May, 2013

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