Avoiding Mistakes Related to Brochure Design

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To attract the attention of clients, business houses often make use of effective brochure design. They either hire professional designing companies or have in-house designers to look after the entire designing process. These brochures are used as promotional tools for services and products and are also very cost effective. But while designing, one should always avoid some common mistakes which can really change the overall look and feel of the brochure and create a negative impact which is truly not desired.

Various fonts

In order to avoid visual clutter, one should not use a wide range of fonts as this might make the brochure look unprofessional. One should only use two types of font size and style in order to differentiate the body content from the headline.

Precise information

Readers usually get confused with too much of content, so one should provide information which is relevant to the services and products and highlight their benefits. Avoid giving a history of the company and other unnecessary information while creating a flyer. Provide contact details like website address and phone number so that potential clients can contact you and can browse through the services and products offered by you.

Breaking content

Avoid using large sentences while designing a flyer as readers do not like to go through huge chunk of content. One should always break the content in proper subheads and highlight important sentences or words.

Line spacing

It is often seen that many brochure design does not have an even line space and this decreases the neatness and readability of the brochure. So, one should always provide enough white space and maintain even line spacing.


One should avoid a wide range of colors in brochure as this might make it look unprofessional in appearance. For creating brand synergy, one should use a sensible color combination. Sufficient time should be given to choose a particular type of color or various color schemes and mix and match them carefully.

Text alignment

While creating and designing a folded brochure, one should always consider the text alignment. Readers should not have any problem reading the message in the folded format. Care should be taken to ensure that the folds do not conceal any important word or part of sentence.


Images that are used in brochures should have quality resolution and complement the design. One should always use images which have the ability to create a visual impact on customers and can convert them into potential buyers.


Before printing, the brochure should undergo proof reading stages in order to eliminate the basic errors present in the content of the promotional material.

It is always advisable to go for professional brochure design companies for designing and printing different types of brochures so that you can be assured of a handsome return on investment.


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21th May, 2013

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