Printed Brochures or Online Brochures: Which is better?

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Even a small business can get considerable credibility by getting a professional e brochure design. Today, any person who has even nominal skills in computers can create a brochure or flier with the help of pre-designed templates that are included in the desktop publishing programs. Fliers can be distributed in two ways, online and in the traditional printed form. Both of these have certain merits and demerits that need to be considered.


One has to be very careful with the production of a brochure, because it is the ambassador of your products or services; hence, if it is bad with poor resolution images and typos, your business too may stand out in a bad light, thus making its ROI suffer to a great extent.

 However, it does not matter which media you choose for your brochure, you need to make sure its presentation is such that it has the look and feel of your business.

Why E-brochure?

E-brochure is typically a page on your business website. Having it means that anyone can read it anytime and learn about your business and the products and services you are into. Such fliers can be published in a moment without the need of signing a printer’s proof or having to wait to get the printed piece delivered to you from the storefront operation of the printer. E-brochures can also be sent to target customers within a matter of seconds through an email; and given the flexible nature of digital media, altering such pamphlets can be done instantly.

Going to e brochure design services can also be cheaper than going to a printing company because e-brochures do not require postage, printing, labels costs.

With these kind of brochures you can also easily update the content when the products and prices get outdated. You can also do the same if you find mistakes in it; all these within an instant.

Why printing?

When you print a brochure for your company, you can be sure about how the end result may look. Suppose you have included a color swatch, your clients will see the exact color you have authorized, an advantage that is often unavailable with online fliers. Monitor differences often lead to color shifts when the swatches are viewed online. This is a drawback of e-brochure that cannot be controlled.

Printed brochures are likely to be read as one gets it in their hand rather than having to look up a suggested site.

Online v/s print brochures

Besides the fact that a person may not care to open an e-brochure in his email, online fliers do not really have any serious drawbacks, while the printed one has quite a few. First and foremost is its printing cost. However, if you want to combat it by choosing a poor quality paper or an inexperienced printer, your pamphlet may turn out to be dark and cheap looking. If you have little idea about how to set up your file correctly, your information stands the chance of bleeding off or having errors that may harm the reputation of your company.

Now that you know the pros and cons of online and print fliers, decide whether you will visit an e brochure design service or a print company the next time you design fliers.

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6th Nov, 2013

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