Catalog or Pamphlet: Which One is Better for Business Promotion?

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When it comes to offline business marketing, you have several options such as newspaper ads, banner ads, pamphlet, catalog etc. All of these marketing mediums are useful and help you send out the promotional message to the target audience. However, for some businessmen, it’s not possible to invest in all types of print marketing and they must choose one option. While there is a clear distinction between all other types of printed promotional materials, most people get confused whether they should invest money in pamphlet design for brand promotion or stick to catalog.

The confusion is obvious because both catalogs and pamphlets look more or less same and mainly share information about a product or service offered by a company. However, contrary to popular belief, pamphlets and catalogs serve different purposes. Let’s try to understand which one is better for business promotion.

Decide your purpose: The first thing you need to know is the reason for business promotion. Do you want to inform people about your business as they have no idea what type of products you sell or do you want to give customers a detailed idea of the items you offer, their USP, price, availability and much more? If brand marketing is your main goal, pamphlet serves the purpose better, but if you want to share detailed information, a catalog can do the job better. For example, a smartphone maker can use the brochure or pamphlet to inform people about his existence in the market while, on the other hand, he can distribute catalogs to showcase all the models and their prices.

The target audience: Catalog is always for an informed audience. You can’t give a catalog to a person who has no idea about your business, because he will be least interested in the model numbers of the smartphones and their availability. On the contrary, brochure can be distributed among a large segment of audience. The main purpose of both catalog and pamphlet is to boost business, but the method is different. For example, a pamphlet design often ends with a message like “contact us today” or “visit our store now”, but a catalog hardly ends like that. If you have seen enough catalogs, you know that catalogs hardly tell people to “buy”, because if someone is checking a catalog, he has already decided to buy something. All he needs to know is the most suitable product for his needs.

Budget: This is probably the most important factor for a marketer and if your budget is low, pamphlet is a sure winner in the pamphlet vs. catalog match. A brochure is basically a single sheet of paper that is folded as per requirement for a greater visual appeal. On the other hand, a catalog is more like a small book that has front and back covers and lots of pages. The number of images are also generally greater in a catalog and as you know printing cost of graphics is high, it’s easily understandable that a catalog will cost much more than a pamphlet.

Both are useful, but since pamphlet is more business promotion oriented and urges customers to take an action, you should invest in pamphlet design to popularize your business.

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12th Nov, 2013

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