Five Qualities Of An Unforgettable Logo

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When you think about portable media players, what is the first name that comes to your mind? Apple iPod, I guess. Ever wondered why? There are already so many portable MP3 players in the market and most of them are priced below iPod; then what makes iPod one of the most memorable products? The answer lies in its logo, not with the quality and features it offers. When a customer buys an iPod, he loves to flaunt that half eaten apple. That is the power of a brand logo. You can easily copy the features of a revolutionary product once it’s launched, but you can never steal the glory of its iconic symbol. When you put a memorable logo on brochure design or on the website, it immediately grabs viewers’ attention and earns respect.

An ideal logo gives a visual message to the target audience and highlights the USP of the brand it represents. Designing a good brand insignia is not as easy as you may think because there are a lot of factors that make a logo successful. Here are some of the common elements of an unforgettable logo.

Simplicity is crucial: A simple emblem can be easily identified and can also be used across print and web without any issue. Therefore, try to keep the design as basic as possible and deliver the intended message. For example, the Nike logo is nothing but a tick mark or more stylishly said, “swoosh”, but it represents the wings of Goddess Nike and elevates the symbol to a new high.

Appropriateness: Every element of the logo must be appropriate for your business. For example, if you are designing the logo of an IT company, you must use professional looking fonts and colors like blue or red that generate a feeling of trust among viewers. Similarly, if you are designing a symbol-only logo and planning to place it on the brochure design for brand promotion, choose a symbol that suits your business. For example, the logo of Audi features several circles that remind viewers about car wheels.

Evergreen: Never follow any “current trend” while designing the emblem for your company because trends come and go every year. You must create a design that will stand the test of time and will be loved by consumers for decades. The most brilliant example is the Coca Cola insignia. As it featured a custom font, generations after generations loved its visual beauty.

Versatility: Your insignia must look good across all mediums, any size, with or without color. Take Puma for example. The symbol depicts an animal, but since there is no intricate details, it looks equally good on shoes and billboards. In fact, if you see it in black and white form on letterheads, you can’t confuse it with any other insignia.

Uniqueness: This is the one quality that makes a symbol immortal. Your design should be so unparalleled, that nobody will forget it. It depends on the graphic designer how he intends to make his insignia unique, but he must come up with something that has never been seen before. For example, the Mercedes Benz trademark is unique because of its symbol, the Google emblem is incomparable because of its color scheme and the Yahoo logo is famous for its font.

Logo is often used for brand promotion and marketing across television, print and web. While using the logo for business marketing, make sure it is placed at the right place. For example, in a TV ad, you can end the commercial with the logo and in a brochure design, it must be placed on the front page.


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20th Nov, 2013

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