Smart Tips for Creating a Killer Brochure

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Have you ever thought why most top businesses take the help of brochure design services for designing their brochures when they themselves could have done it? After all, nobody knows their business better than them. This is because they may know their business but do not know what, how much and how to present, which will make customers sit up and read the brochure thoroughly. The following is a compilation of things that may help you when you are designing your company brochure.

 Use of Testimonials:

You should use testimonials in your brochures along with photos and short captions. This will make readers actually read them and photos will add to its credibility.

 Create Quality Content for your Brochure:

The content of a brochure should be funny, remarkable and interesting. This will make people actually want to show it to others as well. Remember that without a good USP, a product does not sell. The content should not be about what you have but rather what will benefit consumers and which problems will be solved by buying your products/services. You must understand that consumers are not really interested to know about the history of a product. They just want to know how will it benefit them. So, keep it short but effective.

Incorporate White Spaces in your Brochure Layout:

While designing, keep lots of white space to avoid the feeling of stuffing too much content in a small layout. It will make the layout look more attractive, clean and tidy. You may think that it will be a sheer waste of precious space but remember the adage, “too much of anything is bad”. Therefore, do not try to stuff as much content as possible. Instead, keep a liberal amount of white space to maintain tidiness.

Make the Cover Powerful:

The cover should be made as powerful as possible. The cover should have a single image of excellent quality. If you do some research, you will find that having several small photographs is less effective than having a single large image. This is because when there are multiple photographs, people get confused about which picture to focus on first, even if it is for a short period of time. Since you do not have much time to impress your target customers, you should not take a chance but go for the tried and tested.

Avoid using Templates:

Stay away from using templates. Your goal should be to stand apart from the rest and using a common template will not really do the job for you. Display some originality by not using the same old templates but creating something new and striking. However, you should also keep the relevance factor in mind.

While designing, you need to be very innovative. If you do not feel confident enough, take the help of brochure design services. Hire someone who knows his work and has sufficient experience in the field. If not, while designing, take a second opinion and change wherever there is any negativity.

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28th Nov, 2013

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