Complex versus Simple Logo Designing for Advertisers

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A logo is an identity of a company and should be easily identifiable. The success of logo designing lies in its fast recognition and easy replication. A brochure design company is always faced with the option of selecting between a simple and complex design. It should not be assumed that one type is better than the other. A company could be identified by a pattern, a logotype or a logotype with design.

 Complex Designing and its characteristics

Generally, it is assumed that more complex a pattern is, better is the chance of protecting its identity. It is true that complex patterns are not simple to imitate thereby giving a sense of security to the owners or creators of such a logo. However, it is not mandatory that these patterns are impressionable and create an impact. In this generation of severe competition, it is essential to have an edge over others in any feasible way. Perhaps, the easiest way is to have a company insignia that is conveniently recognizable.

In an era of online marketing, logotypes or logos are created be designers with the help of application tools. To verify whether a design would be successful or not, it should initially be shown to family members and friends. If they are pleased, then it is likely that the new design would be accepted by larger sections of the populace as well. Another good exercise of testing the effectiveness of a monogram is to have it drawn by others. If people are moved by a pattern, it is likely that they would try to imitate it. If any visible loss of interest is observed in this attempt, then it is likely that this new pattern would never become popular.

Simple Designing and its Characteristics

As the name suggests, a simple design is easily created and replicated. For a brochure design company, creation of such patterns does not involve too many complications. However, it is to be understood that it is not easy to create a simple pattern that is impressionable and distinctive. Ideally, a monogram should have a relation with the company that it represents. Sometimes a simple rectangle or a simple letter is used to represent a company. Many organizations prefer using logotypes as a replica for a company. There are instances where companies begin with having a symbol as well as logotypes as company insignia, subsequently using only the symbol after achieving global recognition.

Certain tips while making logos

A designer should take sufficient care to create a monogram that is simple and memorable, but never boring. If, however, you feel like creating a complex design, see to it that it is easily recreated. A pattern should be such that it is conveniently displayed in a business card as well as a billboard without any distortions. Use of too many colours is never a correct option for designing an insignia. A brochure design company should use minimum colours in creating a business monogram. Use of black and white is ideal as they are   conveniently recognizable and easily recreated.

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2th Jul, 2013

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