How to Create Effective Leaflets for Marketing

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Marketing is essential for generating awareness in the market and companies use different media for marketing purposes. While some spend millions in online campaigns, some companies cannot afford that much money and use affordable print advertisement media like brochures, flyers and leaflets to grab target consumers’ attention. As leaflet is a very affordable marketing medium, hundreds of companies invest in leaflet design but only a handful of them truly acquire buyers’ attention.

Leaflets often fail to impress not because they are ineffective but because people use it without proper planning. They use cheap paper and insert as many words as possible, hoping for best results. As a result, customers spend only a few seconds to read the pamphlets and throw them away. If you don’t want the same result, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Distribute among the right type of audience

It does not matter how good your leaflet is if you distribute it among the wrong type of audience. Therefore, you need to distribute among your target audience for better return on investment. Think of local areas and malls where your target consumers will come. For example, if you have opened a computer training institute, ask your employees to stand near school and college gates to distribute the booklet among students.

Put customers first

Your marketing pitch must tell people that you are offering them something that they need. It’s not what you are offering that matters but how your offering is going to affect customers’ lives. For example, it is always better to say “Save electricity bills! Buy our AC!” than “buy our new intelligent AC”. Who wants to know whether your AC is intelligent or not? You may have written about the electricity-saving feature in small bullet points but only a few will read that point. The first visual impression is most important.

Keep it short

Don’t cram all information about your business in it. Leave some white space to maintain a clean look. A good leaflet design generates curiosity and encourages people to take action. Hence, put only the most necessary information and give your website address, office address, phone number etc. for better revenue generation.

Use images

Images can explain a lot of things and make people believe in you. Add some images related to your business to attract customers. For example, if you run a tourism company and arrange tours, post some photos of happy people, the hotels, buses and food to make people believe that you are saying the truth and will entertain them if they opt for your service.

Make it readable

 Use readable fonts and don’t experiment with font color. The font should contrast with the  background so that readers can comprehend the text content. The content should look as elegant as the design.

Unique headline

Most of the target buyers don’t read the entire leaflet but you can’t afford to lose them. Therefore, make sure that your headline is so engaging that people read the following sentence. Think about the USP of your brand incorporate it intelligently into the headline.

Leaflet design is more about marketing intelligence than artwork.  Therefore, you should always hire a professional and experienced graphic design company for the job.

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10th Jul, 2013

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