What are the Best Software Available for Effective Brochure Graphic Design?

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Among the different methods of promotion and marketing, brochures or flyers are one of the most economical. Not much cost is involved in its making and distribution is also simple. However, that should not prompt you to take it in a light vein. A brochure can be really helpful in making a strong impact on your target customers, making them interested and eager about your product or service. However, in order to make such an impact, you have to ensure impressive brochure graphic design. If you are a start-up company and do not have the funds to hire a professional for the job, you can take the help of certain software available in the market. These are concerned with helping you design an effective flyer which can make the desired impact and contribute to increasing your sales and profit margins.

Let us have a look at some such software:

 Photoshop: It is a great tool for anything that is visual. Some of its obvious advantages include impressive photo manipulation capabilities, clonestamping that is highly user-friendly, great image filters and overall image alteration. In fact, amazing advancements have been made in all the above mentioned areas in the new version of Photoshop. Thus, if you buy one, you can expect to design an eye-catching and impressive brochure. Agreed that it comes with a heavy price tag but all the money you spend on it can be totally worth it owing to the several helpful features it comes equipped with. What is more, importing and exporting between other products of Adobe can be done with ease.

  • CorelDraw: Compared to Photoshop, it may seem a bit less intuitive but is, nevertheless, loaded with the same number of features. However, if you are not very proficient in brochure graphic design, you may find it a tad difficult to handle. This is because its features are placed in submenus or sub-submenus, hidden away in different nooks and corners of the software. It can, thus, prove to be quite challenging for a newbie to locate them and achieve the desired goal.
  • AutoCAD: It is particularly meant for physical or architectural design. It consists of useful tools for the creation of specific angles and precise geometric shapes and length measurements. It is definitely industry standard when it comes to sketching drawings for patents but for brochure design, it may not be an ideal choice. You can use it at the time of settling on a rough draft but avoid it for the final product.

  • Koobits: It can be said to be a fun and safe bet. It may not have the total range of features offered by other programs but it boasts of solid interactivity options along with some really useful tools. All these can be utilized to make dynamic and fun online brochure graphic design. Some templates are such that they can inspire your creative juices to flow.

Make use of these software options and design an attractive and meaningful brochure that makes all the right noises.

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17th Jul, 2013

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