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Designing a successful brochure is not easy and certainly should not be tried by you if you are not familiar with graphic design. Brochures, after all, have to pass three lengths of attention. First, when someone sees it in the mailbox or on a rack- this is the “read me now” phase. Second, when the viewer decides whether the brochure is worth it- this is the “quick scan” phase. Third, when the viewer decides that it is worthy enough to be read- this is the “I am interested give me value” phase.

If you wish your booklet to successfully pass the above phases, it is prudent that you seek help from brochure design services as they hire professionals who know their job and make sure that it gets done in order. Following are certain factors that should be kept in mind when designing a brochure:

  • The purpose of your brochure: Decide its objective first. The booklet should be designed with the target viewer in mind. A viewer does not know you, so he does not really care about how great your business is or how many types of products you sell. What he sees is how you are going to benefit him.
  • Decide on your target audience: This helps in styling the booklet. Once you decide on your target audience, you can then move on to language, tone and the use of colors. If it is meant for youngsters, you can use a casual tone and use bright colors. But do you think the same will appeal to older people? The answer is no. Booklets meant for older people should be more formal in tone and have sober colors.
  • Educate your viewer: This is extremely crucial. Make the brochure a medium for telling how great your products are and how they will be benefited by using them. Use it to convince your viewer. Make it interesting and worthy to be spent time on.
  • Give your contact details: Once you have educated and convinced the viewer, now its time for them to take action or, in other words, take the step to get the products. Your contact details are important for them to get in touch with you so that they can know more about your products/services and eventually buy it.
  • Have a consistent structure and theme: Your booklet must have a feeling of consistency. Do not use too many colors. Just one or two colors for the background and another one for highlighting are fine.
  • Use images sensibly: People do not read brochures but scan it. It, thus, can be used to communicate what may go unread in text. Keep less but powerful images. One good image is better than ten not so good ones.
  • An appealing cover: The cover of a brochure should be such that it tempts a viewer to pick it up from a sea of other brochures. The text on the cover should be bang on. Tell exactly what is needed.

The above points are always taken care of by brochure design services which ensure that you get a brochure that serves its purpose.

6th Dec, 2012

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