Avoid the Common Mistakes Made in Pamphlet Design

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Pamphlet is an effective tool that can help you sell more products and services, provided you get it right. Error in pamphlet design is one of the major obstacles that a new business owner may encounter while making one. If you do not work on rectifying these mistakes before you give it for printing, it will cost both your money and effort.

First and foremost, you need to have a clear understanding of how the end product is to be used. A pamphlet is basically of two types and the design depends upon the purpose it has to serve.

  • Type 1: It is meant for drawing attention of prospective customers. It is like an appetizer meant only for tickling the taste buds but not satisfying your appetite. It is basically meant for showcasing itself to the target customers. It features white spaces and bullet points rather than paragraphs. It also asks the customers to make a phone call, mail a reply card, clip a coupon etc. that gets the reader in contact with the business owner.
  • Type 2: If the former is an appetizer, this is the main course. Its purpose is to provide additional information and is, thus, meant for a customer who already knows about your business. Its main aim is to educate a prospective customer regarding a product or service. Hence, unlike the former, it can be stuffed with information.

A proper professional brochure can generate sales for your business but do not expect it alone to make money for you. The purpose of a brochure is to educate and encourage a customer to get in touch with you. A pamphlet only tells about a product, the selling has to be done by you.

Now, that the purpose of a pamphlet is explained, lets see the common mistakes that should be avoided in order to make your pamphlets work.

  • A brochure without a purpose: Decide what you want the brochure to do for you. Whether you want it to educate the customers about a product or to get in touch with you or to create an interest in your product, decide it beforehand.
  • Trying to fit in everything in one pamphlet: This makes it confusing and fussy. Do not try to convince everyone. Decide on your target audience and include your products accordingly, which should not be more than two or three.
  • Do not design the brochure yourself: Until and unless you are adept at graphic designing, please do not set about designing your brochure for saving a few bucks. Get help from pamphlet design professionals.
  • Keep it simple: Do not add too many types of fonts and too many images. It creates a messed up look. Instead, keep it neat and simple.
  • Keep the white space: It relieves the eyes from the text, colors and images. It can be added in between and on the sides of the images and text.

A pamphlet can be a good way of taking your business to a wider base of prospective customers. Do it the right way.

26th Nov, 2012

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