11 Effective Aspects of Poster Designing

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‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ – all of us are familiar with this saying. Taking a cue from this statement, brochure designers attempt in creating postcards that have a potential of generating thousand prospects. Are you aware of the fact that only ½ to 1 percent of business poster are read, and the remaining 99.5 or 99 percent are flung into trash cans? Certain effective poster design tips needs to be followed for giving greater meaning to these publicity tools.

For any marketing tool two crucial aspects are its designing and distribution; and poster are not an exception. While making a poster design it needs to be remembered that it is primarily meant for generating revenue for a marketing organization. Though at times they are also used for conveying important messages. For a poster designer, it is always a challenge to convert the ½ or 1 percent readers to higher percentages. The underlying calculations are simple: the conversion rate of prospects turning into buyers is roughly 10 percent and also the conversion from non-respondents to respondents is also another 10 percent. In summary thus out of every100 people receiving publicity material, 10 people show interest and only1 person buys. This is the traditional thumb rule: for every 100 set of people one becomes your customer readily while nine others mature over time. Even an increase of one percent is considered a significant improvement in this poster distribution exercise.

For benefit of poster designing and circulation the following steps could prove helpful.

 A Clear and Catch Caption

Business poster should ideally carry a clear and catchy caption. This caption needs to be captivating and striking.

A Graphic Supporting your Caption

After finalizing on a caption your next step should be creating an equally alluring background or visual. Even if a caption is not visible from a distance, its visual would do the trick of capturing the attention of a reader. While designing an image you must be careful that it is in semblance to your headline. Ideally a caption and image must reinforce one another to make your publicity card an effective marketing tool.

Choosing Colors

You must have an eye for aesthetics while choosing colors of caption and background. They must complement one another perfectly and must be visually pleasing. You need to be wary that the appearance is neither gaudy nor drab. Trying contrasting shades for the background and text is a safe option for any kind of publicity poster

Used Appropriate Sub Heads

In certain cases you might require sub heads to express your ideas. A card is of limited size and does not offer you the option of elaboration. Making sub headings is a good way of communicating your ideas to your readers.

Give Offers

Cards are the best medium to declare special offers for prospective buyers. In a highly competitive environment buyers have a natural tendency to veer towards more affordable products. Special discounts or bulk offers should ideally be made in printed business poster. Sensational phrases might be used for greater impact on readers’ minds.

Highlight Benefits

This is one area which is neglected or overlooked while offering effective poster design services. Instead of highlighting features it is advisable to stress on benefits. Features are meaningless if their ensuing benefits are not translated to benefits derived. For instance, a pressure cooker makes cooking faster: a standard feature. Its resulting benefit is lesser usage of fuel and saving of money. Next time you design a publicity poster do not forget to mention ‘benefits’.

Call to Action

No matter whatever the contents or caption are, your ‘call to action’ is imperative in a circulated publicity card. You must not fail to invite your readers to act immediately, be it in person or through correspondence. If possible offer additional discounts to ‘early bird’ responses. This not only ensures a higher response but motivates your respondents to act instantly. ‘Call us today or ‘visit our website’ are typical call to action lines.

Company Logo and Name

One of the primary purposes for distribution of printed marketing materials is brand building. Readers and end-users remember a company by its name and logo. In case your company’s name is large, it is better to use an acronym and associate it with a logo. Creating a logo from its acronym is a brilliant way of creating an impression among consumers’ minds. It is always wise to engage professionals for logo designing, and never compromise on it.

Contact Information

In continuance to the above, it is essential to mention your contact details like mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address in your marketing brochure. This helps potential customers to get in touch with you. Multiple contact points add to your advantage.

Business Reply Cards

Insertion of business reply cards adds value to your printed publicity material. It not only enhances your professional image but gives an indication of business expected after circulation of publicity materials.

Return Address

It is advisable to include a return address in your publicity material as it allows you to note the non-existence of an addressee. This helps in planning your future marketing plans. A return address also increases the faith among people about the authenticity of your company.

Marketing is a dynamic activity as it has to keep up with the changing tastes and preferences of consumer. Alternatively, it could also be said that consumer behavior in often guided by producers and sellers of goods and services. Advertising is one way of convincing people about the benefits you get by purchasing and using a commodity. With multiple marketing media available advertisers are often confused about choosing an appropriate medium. Larger companies utilize all available media for publicity while new entrants depend on professional advertisers for publicity. As the choice among separate media is difficult to make, it is better to take assistance of a professional publicity company. This content on effective poster design tips is just an attempt in assisting you.

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