7 Factors for Beautiful Leaflet Design

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Leaflet can be a great offline marketing tool but its success depends on your ability as a designer. A good leaflet design grabs viewers’ attention, makes them interested in the product or service you are offering and influences them to take an action such as call a number, visit a website or place an order.

Professional leaflets can really make a difference and increase your company’s revenue. Don’t forget that consumers form an idea about the quality of your business by viewing the marketing materials and if your leaflet design seems cheap, they will think the same about your organization. Let me share a few leaflet design tips with you.

Know Your Audience – You must do some research on your target audience to determine what type of design will appeal them. For instance, if you are targeting the upper strata of the society, they would like to see glossy layout, stylish fonts and interesting color combination. Besides the layout, you have to frame the content according to the socio-economical status of the consumers.

Decide What You Want to Communicate – Don’t share too much information as it may confuse the buyers. You may run a web development company and offer a variety of web development services but if you want to get more graphic design projects, share the USP and pricing details of your graphic design packages only.

Picture Speaks Thousand Words – Draw some innovative and unique images to convey your message faster. For instance, if you are selling real estate properties, use an image of the complex to help people understand how the finished apartments will look like. Place the image in paragraph break to give the design an eye soothing appeal.

Pay Attention to the Top 3 Inches – This is the most important part of any leaflet and you must design it carefully. When people notice a leaflet, they notice the header area first. Hence, give the main message in this portion but don’t reveal everything. For example, if you want to promote a gym “Do you want to lose weight?” can be a great front page headline.

Mention a Call-to-Action – A leaflet design without a strong call-to-action message is like a ship without compass. You have to tell people what they must do after reading your leaflet. Should they call you? Visit your website/store? Tell the buyers exactly what you expect them to do.

Add Logo and Contact Details – Logo is the flag bearer of your brand identity and you must place it on the front page to help people recognize your company immediately. Contact details are also equally important. Unless you share your phone number, office address and email address with the consumers, how will they get in touch with you?

Choose the Right Paper – Don’t forget that people will finally see your leaflets in printed format. Therefore, select high quality paper to make sure that the printed layout looks as beautiful as the digital format.

Leaflet is a cost effective marketing medium and can be very useful for start-up businesses. Follow the aforementioned tips for leaflet design closely and reach millions of untapped customers.

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8th Feb, 2013

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