A Guide to Create a Killer Brochure Design

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Brochures are excellent mediums for advertising the goods and products as well as help in making the people know of the special features of the same. Even in today’s era of widespread digitalization, brochures hold their position as a chief medium of increasing the sales and revenues through active advertising and promotions.

  • Brochures help in brand building as well as in imparting a strong corporate identity to the company.
  • It helps the company to reach to countless existing as well as potential clients instantly.
  • They form a vital part in the marketing strategy of an organization.
  • The main aim of creating a brochure is to compel a prospective customer to go for buying the goods or availing the services of a particular organization.
  • On being designed well, goes a long way in imparting the company with an edge over its competitors.

However there are certain aspects to be considered to come up with a killer brochure design that will help a company to better represent itself and showcase its products and services thereby serving as a powerful sales and marketing tool.

Know Your Purpose before You Start

Careful planning and foresight is required to come up with a brochure that communicates effectively. It is essential for the designer to be clear about the purpose of designing the brochure or the goals that the company wishes to attain through the brochure. The designer has to be certain about the fact that whether the brochure is to be handed out to the passersby on a busy street or to be used for direct mailing as a part of the marketing strategy of the company or for offering more information to the existing clients. Knowing the purpose leads to appropriate designs and thereby winning half the game.

Good Headline Is Key

Having a good headline for the brochure is a must to attract readers. On an average a reader hardly takes more than 5 seconds to glance through the cover page of the brochure. The headline on the cover page is vital as it allows the readers to decide whether to read the main content or not. Thus to appeal visually to the clients, one should combine an attractive design with a gripping headline that announces a major benefit for the customers.

Gripping content

The content inside the brochure should be gripping enough. It should focus on the benefits that the customers or clients will be enjoying from entering into a business relationship with the company. Focussing the content on the challenges and problems faced by the potential clients along with offering a possible solution can be helpful.

Short and Easy To Read Content

Contents of a brochure need to be short, simple and relevant to the point. The language used should be simple and the layout must allow ease of reading the same for the readers. Brochures are to highlight the special features and provide minimal information about the goods or services or of the company itself. To lure the readers to read the full content, it needs to be brief, easy and to the point. Moreover designing the layout of the content with careful use of bullets, appropriate fonts, sub headings, etc will prove beneficial.

Converse with the Readers

The brochures should be written in such a way so that it allows the organization in holding a conversation with the readers and must also involve a call to action. The brochure should certainly give the readers with a direction with respect to their next step of action after reading the brochure. Else the brochure will not have any meaning.

Coherent and Organized Structure

All pages of a brochure whether it is online or a physical one needs to be properly arranged in a progressive and a logical manner. Flow of information must be systematic and spontaneous to effectively communicate with the readers. The headline on the cover page must attract the readers and the main content should prove beneficial to them and it must conclude with calling out the readers for an effective action.

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading the content and editing are highly required before sending it for print to ensure an error free copy. Silly mistakes in spellings and grammar results in loss of credibility for the company and repels the readers from reading the full brochure.

Brochures provide an easy way to conduct .marketing campaigns be it online or offline successfully. It is essential to know how to conduct this marketing through brochures effectively. Brochures are nothing new and the fact that they are used till date is itself a testament to their relevance in the present digital era.

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17th Feb, 2015

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