A well made tri fold brochure design can do wonders for your business

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Gone are the days of simple leaflets and brochures; today tri fold brochure design India or a two-fold brochures India have gained prominence for the excellent designing and concept that go with such brochures. Well made and exceptionally designed brochure designs India or even leaflet design for that matter have the capacity of drawing attention of a large number of people. It has also been seen that well made brochures have helped in making loyal customers for a product. The most common forms of brochures include no-fold brochures, two-fold brochures as well as three fold brochures. There are also custom brochure designs that are exclusively designed by some companies to be distributed to eminent people or at important events. Such brochures help in making a mark with the audience and creating an impact on their decision making regarding the product.

Be it two-fold brochures or a leaflet design, the designing of the same should be left to professionals and experts. They have a proper understanding of the thing and can plan the brochure designing accordingly. The same applies for tri fold brochure design India. Here are some simple tips to make the best two fold and three fold brochures for a company:

  • The front cover of a brochure is very important. Be careful not to overdo the front cover of any brochure, be it a two-fold one or a three-fold one. According to best brochure design concepts, the cover page should have the logo of the company along with a suitable image. Most important thing is an attractive and catchy title that will force the readers to pick up the brochure and start reading it instantly.
  • The best two-fold brochures India as well as other brochure designs are based on specific templates. The template is like a format based on which the brochure will be designed. It will help in deciding the exact measurements of a brochure and ensure that nothing is overdone. These templates prove to be very useful in designing folded brochures.
  • Make sure that the information that is to be provided is placed at the correct places in the three-fold brochure. The last face of the brochure should contain the contact details of the company. It should have the physical address, contact number, website URL as well as e-mail address of the company.

The place that is available in the inside flaps of a tri fold brochure design India should be duly utilized. Complete information about the company, the product that the company manufactures, the advantages, disadvantages etc should be provided in the internal flaps. Do not stuff the flap with information as that might distract the audience. Supplement the information with suitable images and graphic designs so that there is no monotony in the text. Also try to make the text interesting and in point form so that it is easier for the reader to grasp what the brochure is intending to say. The same is applicable for two-fold brochures India and the space is also less there.

31th Oct, 2011

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