Brochure Designing: Seven Things to Do in Brochure Designing

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Brochure makes a vital marketing tool that helps promote your company easily and quickly. To design a brochure properly, it is important to maintain certain standards or techniques ensuring that the purpose or aim of brochure design is achieved well. There are seven basic steps to brochure designing that produce innovative and quality designs when implemented with unique concepts and ideas.

Determine your objectives: The foremost task of brochure designing is to determine its objective. While some brochures are made for the purpose of promotion and campaigning, others are designed for spreading awareness and information. So it is important to determine your objective of brochure designing first to avoid confusions and complications.

Determining your target audience: Knowing your target audience is also very important in brochure designing. Before designing, you should have a fair idea of the people who are potential customers of the product or service. Depending on the group of target audience, their age, likes, status etc, the designing has to be made accordingly. Proper market research is therefore needed to get a comprehensive knowledge.

Determine your theme: The theme of the brochure to be designed has to be decided beforehand. Considering the audience and objective to be targeted, designers need to settle on the theme or layout of brochure design. The theme should have a lively flow with the objective and should not seem to be forced or artificial.

Write the content: The content of your brochure is of equal importance as the other elements. Well written brochure content has the ability to catch the reader’s attention and interest easily. Use catchy punch lines in a style that is appealing enough to arouse a reader’s interest in your product or service.

Get proper images and graphics: The graphic or images to be used in brochure designing need to be well selected. They should be able to convey the message easily and should not seem to be forced or out of place.

Get a brochure template: Before designing the final brochure designing draft, always maintain to make a rough draft with help of a brochure template. A brochure template helps in making designing and printing easier. To create a professional brochure, use of templates is a good option to have a fair idea of the market trend.

Start designing the final draft: After all the above stated steps are executed properly, start the final brochure design. Do a perfect blend of designs, contents, and pictures to ensure that you have a visually attractive and informative brochure.

9th Jul, 2010

2 Replies to “Brochure Designing: Seven Things to Do in Brochure Designing”

  1. Great points about creating a useful brochure. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people just jump into creating their brochures without planning the layout, the style and, most importantly, the content. These tips can also work for creating blogs, websites and other marketing tools.

  2. Clear and simple guidance. I am designing a brochure at the moment, for the Southampton Boat Show, and totally agree with your advice.

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