Brochure Designing Trends for 2013

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Brochure design, if implemented properly, can give a tremendous boost to your marketing activities. The purpose of a brochure is to create a brand image for your organization so that it is easily recognizable by clients. For all practical purposes, a printed publicity material should be sleek, visually attractive and textually informative. As it is a combination of different aspects, careful thoughts go behind its creation.


For detailed product descriptions catalogues are ideal. These publicity materials are provided with covers as added attractions. Companies in fashion industry, automobile manufacturing, real estate and insurance may find this form of printed marketing material the perfect publicity material. As product range is extensive for each of these sectors, it is important to impress customers with entire product or service range. Catalogues need to be functional and informative with each page devoted to a particular product or service. Inclusion of graphical representations and images value add to your catalogue. Front cover usually displays your company logo while the inside covers may contain contact details.

Tri-fold Template

This is perhaps the most popular form of printed brochure design that is in circulation among marketers and sellers. This represents a classical publicity form that is popular worldwide. Tri-fold template is preferred because of its six panels, mailing convenience, and easy readability. Six panels is just the right space to publicize about a product or service. Front panel always carries organization logo or monogram while the last panel furnishes contact details. Panels in-between describe one or two products or services. As these are comprehensive in nature, contents should be precise and written in catchy language. These catchy and precise contents make leaflets readable and attractive. A few illustrations and couple of images add to the attraction of this publicity material.

Enhance Images

Distinct images help in enhancing the appearance of your publicity material. It is always easier to catch the attention of viewers and buyers with a visually attractive brochure. Latest image tools play a significant role in improving picture quality used in a pamphlet. Removal of shady areas and enhancement of prominent spots add to the quality of visuals used in your catalogue. Tweaking is another technique of augmenting picture quality. Usage of bright and vibrant shades in place of drab colors makes images appear more dramatic.

Using Innovative Fonts

Much experimentation is not made with type faces used in catalogues. Using of uncommon fonts is a new trend among brochure designers. For a crisper and elegant look it is advisable to choose sleek type fonts. The purpose of using a sharper typeface is to make you contents look neater and hence more legible. A pamphlet is created to be read, and a neat font achieves this purpose completely.

Adding Glossy Effects

Addition of glossy effects, offers a smooth and silken finish to your leaflet. This is a new trend in brochure design being attempted this year. Till date preference was more for a matt finish, which has been replaced by glossy type. With a glossy finish, colors appear more vibrant and bright.

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28th Feb, 2013

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