Brochure designing with a difference

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Brochures are one of the most popular and most convenient ways of marketing a product or a service and hence, the importance being given to new ideas in brochure designing like tri fold brochure design. Brochures are one of the most reasonable and effective way of spreading the word about something be that be about a place, a product, a service or an individual. While a brochure can be used for multiple purposes like providing information to tourists to disseminating health advices, the most common use of the brochures is to market a product or a service.

The need of brochure designing:

In the crowd of brochures being distributed in the market, it becomes necessary for every brochure to have a brochure design that stands out and catches the attention of its reader. The effectiveness of a brochure depends on its designing up to a large extent and because of this very reason, an increasing amount of investment is being done in the brochure design. Brochures come in a variety of sizes and patterns. Be it a one fold brochure design or a two fold brochure design or the latest tri fold brochure design.

Variety in brochure design:

A well designed brochure can do wonders to the image and popularity of a product or a brand. In fact, brochure designing has become a very lucrative business in the present times. A brochure design has to be attention grabbing and needs to have an impact on the readers. One of the most popular brochure designing that is fast gaining pace in the tri fold brochure design and custom brochure design. While tri fold brochures are simply modification of the bi-fold brochures, custom brochure designing is a relatively newer concept but that too is becoming quite popular. In order for a brochure to stand out among the crowd, it needs to have cutting edge designs and few tips to help achieve this are:

-A brochure needs to have an attention grabbing title or a catchy heading that will make its readers leave whatever they are doing and at least have a glance at the brochure once


-The brochure design needs to be unique and genuine and should be done with a lot of creativity

-The pictures on the brochure needs to be of good quality and high resolution and the content of the brochure should be informative and to the point

-Tri fold brochures are very common these and the same tricks need to be applied when designing a tri-fold brochure. The cover of the tri fold brochures should have an appealing design and should interest the reader enough to open the brochure.

-The content of the brochure should be given priority and should make sufficient use of bullet points, headings and sub headings to interest the reader.

A good brochure often prompts its readers to search for more information about the product or service mentioned in the brochure and because of this; brochure design and especially custom brochure design are being given increasing importance. Brochure designing help companies to convey their message to the masses in an effective and innovative manner and tri fold brochure design is one such new concept.

10th Mar, 2012

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