Create a Global Impression with Exclusive Brochure Designs India

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Brochures are probably the most common and effective offline marketing devices, which are used for product promotion and for creating a brand identity. The patterns and the designs of the brochures depend on the kind of customers that they target at. An organization value or a new product concept can easily reach the customers with unique brochure designs India. Their only target is to create a positive impact on the mind of the customers, so that they can turn from prospective customers to permanent ones.

Various kinds of designs in brochures are available nowadays. The most popular ones are tri fold brochure design India and two-fold brochures India. These brochures also come in varieties of sizes. While some brochures are small in size, some are a bit large and elaborate. Tri fold brochures also have different patterns, while some open horizontally, some brochure open vertically. All the arrangements within the brochure, like, color, text, images etc also change accordingly to fit the brochure in the best possible manner.

Whatever is the style and pattern of the brochure, one thing must be taken care of that it should be professional in its look and feel. Therefore jobs of designing brochures, leaflet design or pamphlet design should be left to professional brochure design companies. These companies will design brochures as per the needs of the clients, it can be tri-fold brochures or two-fold brochures or a booklet style brochure. The different brochures will have different appeal and appearance. One needs to be sure about the kind of brochure that one wants for the marketing initiatives.

There are some wide categories in which brochures can be divided. These brochures can either be tri-fold brochure design India, two-fold brochures India or in a thin booklet style. Some of the categories are as follows:

  • Post box brochures – These brochures are aimed to be sent to the customers through mails. Quite often a marketing letter also accompanies the brochure to make it more authentic and valid. The brochure provides all the detailed information regarding the product along with various technical specifications if any. It might also include pictures and some relevant text to explain the product better.
  • Brochures for after sales pitch – Majority of the brochures that are given after post-sales pitch are two-fold brochures. Many a times, a CD or other materials are put between the folds and given to customers. These kinds of brochures help people to remember things that were told during the sales pitch. Infact the brochure should be a written copy of what the sales agent explained verbally.
  • Over the counter brochures – These are usually some of the most attractive brochure designs India. Over the counter brochures are placed at locations where it can catch the public eye instantly. These are commonly seen in shopping malls, departmental stores, banks, medicine stores etc. The most important thing that is seen in these brochures is that all of them are extremely attractive visually. They are designed in such a fashion that they are bound to draw the attention of the customers.
24th Aug, 2011

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