Custom Brochure Design to Advertise for your Product

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A custom brochure design is the best way to publicise your product. Be it a commodity or service you are offering customers, a proper brochure design is the first step towards creating its awareness. Before a product is actually launched in the market, a pre-launching is done through online and off line marketing. Distribution of brochures is one such marketing activity aimed at creating brand awareness or broadening of business base. Companies spend considerable resources and efforts on brochure designing.

Brochure design services are a combined craft that involves technology and human ingenuity. It is a definite craft aimed at creating brand awareness and improving sales.   Brochure design differs with its purpose. Brochures though primarily meant for advertising have variegated purposes. There are response brochures, direct mailers, inquiry generators, point of sales brochures, and after sales brochures. Each one of these serves a definite purpose and is created differently. A brochure design company uses available human and technological resources for making perfect brochures of all categories.

Brochure Design Format

After deciding on the purpose of a brochure a designing company decides on its size. Brochures could range from single page formats to several pages. Though brochure design might extend to several pages it is never exhaustive but indicative. They are meant to provide information about products or services to customers. The size of a brochure depends on the information you want to provide. For instance a brochure highlighting a road show is ideally of a single page, while a point of sales brochure is more detailed.

As brochures are designed with specific objectives its layout is important. Some brochures are designed with covers while others are without. One striking aspect for all kinds of brochures is that they are visually attractive. Visual attention is the primary attribute for a well designed brochure. A brochure design company is extremely particular about a brochure’s appearance. Use of images and illustrations makes a brochure more appealing.

Layout of Brochures

Effective custom brochure design requires proper planning of both images and contents. As brochures are purportedly meant for highlighting a product, service or event their content must be created with lot of thought. Easily identifiable scripts and simple language are the pre-requisites of an outstanding brochure design. It is important to mention about the most remarkable characteristics of the product or service a brochure is highlighting.

Contact Details in Brochures

Another crucial feature of a good brochure is the mention of contact details. This is especially important for sales promotion and service brochures. Even mailing brochures should contain contact details. On many occasions, brochures are sent to existing and prospective customers in envelopes. In such cases care must be taken to make brochures narrow. Tri fold brochure design is one such format being used extensively. As these brochures have six panels they can carry sufficient information about any product or service. Among contact details website and e-mail addresses should be mentioned as they are avenues of online marketing.

20th Feb, 2012

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