Designing a Tri-Fold Brochure from a Professional Brochure Design Company

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A brochure is an effective promotion tool that helps in the wide-spread marketing of your company products/services. Tri-fold brochure designing is a complicated task and involves a systematic procedure. Hiring a brochure design company is the best way to avail exceptional tri-fold brochure design services. Here follows the step by step procedure of designing a tri-fold brochure:

The text: Text is the most important thing of a brochure as it communicates the intended message of the company to the targeted audience. Unless and until your brochure design company gets your message printed on the brochure in a simple and clear manner, the brochure shall fail in its purpose. Remember that your brochure should immediately make some sense to your readers failing which you will fail to be impressive in the eyes of your users. The brochure message should bear a conversational tone to engage the readers and make an impact on them. Choose the fonts that are readable and are pleasant to the eyes.

Image: Not only the text but also the graphic image of the brochure is relevant in helping the brochure to meet its ultimate goal. Since the tri-fold brochure represents your company image in the global market, you should be careful about the fold. The style and graphics of the brochure should complement each other to represent your corporate identity. You can ask your brochure design company to select the best fold – vertical, horizontal, open or closed one – whichever suits your company products/services. These companies can only provide you the brochure design services that are most professional and at the same time generate huge business.

Choose the image that goes well with the text of your brochure. Long texts are boring and drive away the readers. Select some catchy images that are relevant to the content and place them in the most appropriate place so that these along with the text form a coherent whole.

Targeted audience: While designing your tri-fold brochure, do remember your target audience. It always helps if you design your brochure in accordance with the intended audience. In other words, if your product/service is meant for youngsters then your brochure should be more colorful and sporty to attract them. Similarly, for more professional audience, the brochure should assume a serious tone with a more professional lay out.

Laying out the panels: A tri-fold brochure contains a front cover that contains a short phrase summarizing the message of the company. The cover also includes the company name, logo and a small attractive image. Back cover should ideally inform the reader of the company contact details. Since the back panel is often ignored by the readers, not many things need to be incorporated here.

The three inside panels contain the main stuff of the brochure wherein the descriptions are printed. It is important that the information are presented in a systematic manner with important points being duly highlighted for better reading.

Pay attention to printing: Inform your company offering brochure design services about the paper and texture that you want your brochure to be printed on. Always have a printing test to verify the color spread and image definition.

A well designed brochure can bring in huge revenues for a company. Not only this, a company can grow popular in the contemporary market and expand its reach globally.

24th Jun, 2011

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