Designing Pamphlets for Marketing Your Business Effectively

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Pamphlets are said to be a low-cost method of communication or mass marketing. Pamphlets are actually design, print and distribute advertisements. They are not just printed and distributed, they are even created digitally to be circulated amongst online audience. Pamphlet design can play a significant role in marketing your products or promoting your brands.

Various Uses of Pamphlets

Pamphlets are used by businesses, individuals and organizations. They are known to serve a host of purposes. They are mostly used for promoting a product or service. They may be used for sending or persuading a political, religious, or social message. They are also used for recruiting members. They prove to be pretty effective in advertising and promoting an event such as a political rally, music concert, nightclub appearance or any festival.

Pamphlets as Effective Tools of Marketing

A pamphlet is a great way of luring customers. Customers develop an interest in your brand looking at pamphlets. Pamphlets help to generate a lot of curiosity about your product or brand. A great design is one that is useful in effectively communicating about your business the best way possible to the perfect audience. Needless to mention pamphlets are excellent tools for strengthening your brand image and reputation. Pamphlets are the best tools of promotion especially, if you have budgetary constraints.

Basic Principles to Follow While Designing Pamphlets for Marketing

Just like any other promotional tools, pamphlets should follow few basic principles to attract potential customers and boost product awareness among them. For effective marketing you must keep in mind that:

Understanding Your Customer Really Helps

Before you start thinking about effective pamphlet design, you must try and understand your target audience well. You should find answers to some relevant questions like why would the customers wish to purchase your product? Or how would the product be important to them? What problem would your product solve for them? If you are not sure about the answers, you must seek the information either from the customers or salespeople. After adequate research you could plan which features of the product to highlight in your pamphlet.

Create a Pamphlet for AIDA

AIDA stands for Attention Interest, Desire & Action. Your pamphlet design should grab customer attention. The design should evoke consumer interest and curiosity so that they read further. The pamphlet design should be effective enough to trigger a desire for the product among the customers. Finally, your pamphlet should have the capacity to inspire your audience to take a concrete action, that is, they end up purchasing the product.

Do Some Hard Selling

Simply telling about your company or products may not generate any interest among your target audience. Instead of using words like ‘we’ or ‘us’, it is a good idea to use effective words like ‘Your’ or ‘You’. You need to point out the product features and focus on how they would be of great use to your customers. Only by pointing out the unique benefits, your pamphlet can grab customer attention. Some truly effective words that you may use in your pamphlets are love, save, free, guarantee, new, results. Best to provide information in bullets and not boring long paragraphs.

Effective Ways for Designing Pamphlets for Marketing

Write Catchy Title or Headlines

Choose your words carefully and use only power-packed words. Make your headlines or title unusual, memorable or provocative to attract customer attention. Popular titles are found to be containing words or phrases such as The Secrets to, Finally, Easy, Unlock, How to, Now you can, Discover, Free bonuses, Proven, Insider etc.

Use Attractive Graphics

Eye-catching graphics in vibrant colors should be used in pamphlets. Effective pamphlet design should focus on just a large picture. It may create a far greater impact than several smaller ones. A striking illustration can generate a lot of curiosity, grab consumer attention, create the right mood and support your story. Use this image as your focal point and this would attract potential buyers. You may buy high quality stock photos online or buy a CD with numerous images, or download individual pictures.

Use Case Studies and Compelling Testimonials

Nothing can work more effectively than a satisfied customer’s endorsement particularly, if it highlights the results they have achieved after using your service or product. Make sure that you are including both the first and the last name, location or company name of the person who is endorsing the product.

Design Thoughtfully

You need to organize your page by including borders, boxes and spaces of contrasting colors. Your pamphlet need not be crammed up with graphics and wall-to-wall text. You may cleverly infuse some white space for easy readability and for highlighting few elements.

Highlight Your Points

Your titles as well as subtitles should be in bold to make them easily identifiable. However, do not use all caps as then reading becomes difficult and smooth flow gets affected.

Keep It Simple

Do not design complicated stuff. It is best to keep your pamphlet simple with only two typefaces and keep items aligned to a grid. Using ‘snap to guidelines’ function for aligning items without any difficulty to the grid. Allow space for printing margins.
Keep these techniques in mind, while designing pamphlets and you are sure to see great results in all your marketing efforts.

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