Exploring Color Trend In Brochure Design

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Web is dynamic and so is a brochure. It evolves as do people who respond to most interesting changing trends in brochure design. With millions of designers out there in the field, dynamism is evolving to varied directions. One of the recent trends in color is exploring new ways of depiction, where a brochure gets clear justification in terms of color.

Color widely influences the entire look of a brochure. It is perhaps one of the three most eminent factors that influence the purchasing decision of the buyers. Major brochure design services have begun to focus on color preferences which decide the fate of brochure’s sale among wider crowd. An annual nationwide study is usually conducted to understand what color sells best and which of them are currently in demand among the people. This right away helps in to design a brochure, which otherwise would make color selection a tough task. Quite simple, a brochure colorfully appealing plays a grand role in popularizing the business advertised through it.

Color Scheme For Greater Conversion Rate

Corporate identify is best built upon adequate color scheme. It’s the job role of a brochure designer to implement colors that will fit into the client’s business needs and encourage greater conversion. Well, colors imply different meaning in different countries and their culture, which is the main understanding criterion for the designers in targeting the market. Here, I would like to share with you general guidelines for various color codes which makes brochure design color selection job simpler:

  • Blue indicates stability, confidence and trust.
  • White symbolizes purity, peace and simplicity.
  • Black represents wealth, mystery, elegance and sophistication.
  • Red showcases power, desire, strength and love.
  • Green indicates nature, vigor, community and health.
  • Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, warmth and warning.
  • Yellow is associated with happiness, hope, idealism and brightness.

Adequate Text Color Selection Symbolizes Smooth Read

Major brochure design company opts offering a smooth read to the people. Text as always is read harder if made too small on paper, so adequate choice of color and background hold supreme importance. Readability of entire brochure text is of primary concern to the brochure design services.

It is highly advisable to keep the text color light as compared to the background which must be dark or just vice versa. It isn’t contradictory to reader’s eye if just the right choice of color is made. White and black are most commonly used color combination; however, red and blue are used for highlighting purpose. Well, contrast is a mainstream factor when the text needs to be made readable.

Understanding Color Psychology Is a Must

Brochure design colors fall into different categories and incorporating the right color for the text and its background lends a balanced feel to the brochure. To design a brochure, specifications regarding color selection is often kept in mind by the designers, A brochure that is dominated by just cool colors appear impersonal but still has a calming effect. However, when used in combination with neutral colors, the whole effect becomes comforting.

Able brochure design company understands and complies by the general color guidelines of a brochure. The designers often use warm colors to excite people about what they are about to read. Emotions doting from optimism to valance get sufficed with warm colors that make the brochure effective.

Color is undoubtedly a powerful tool included in the toolbox of major designers. It is one of the first things that a person notices about a brochure and can hit differently on them. Exploring new colors and using them to ultimate benefit is major task attributed to brochure design services that substantially provides a healthy reader’s experience. Consideration of right color from the various options is important and primary to business prosperity through brochure advertisement.

7th Sep, 2011

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