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Marketing does not focus only on the use of a single medium. Marketing is basically an amalgamation of all activities related to the accquiring and retaining customers through effective promotion of a company’s services and products. Nowadays with the advent of the internet, marketing and promotional activities have gone online. Most of the companies have turned to strengthening their online presence through internet marketing.
Internet marketing is however helpful only when it is used along with other strategic marketing tools. There are many prospective customers who are highly cautious with placing important business deals or buying expensive items from an online vendor who is unknown to them. This makes it highly necessary for all online business concerns to have brochures along with other types of sales literature that are printed for handing out to customers as well as prospects. Creating a brochure design requires paying attention to certain aspects for a powerful effect.Online firms need printed literature for sales and promotion owing to reasons like credibility and saving time.


This is intricately associated with the aspect of genuineness as people expect only real companies to have printed sales material.
Creating a brochure with relevant information on the company helps in establishing the organization as a genuine one. Thereby, it increases the credibility of the company.


  • Brochures not only add a stamp of originality to a business but also stands as a great promotional material that saves the time of the customers who can take the printed material home and then read the same according to his/her convenient time.
  • It also adds a personal touch and supports other forms of advertising like online promotions, direct mail, etc.

There are certain tactics that help in writing a good brochure, one that supports online marketing endeavors as well as leads to an increase in the sales

Knowing the Readers’ Needs

To have a functional or an effective business brochure design, the same needs to be written in accordance to the point of view or needs of the readers. This implies that the information that is to be shared with the readers through the brochure need to be given in the right order.
Undergoing a self assessment of the flow of thought and questions of the readers (when they come across a particular product or a company that is relatively new) helps in designing the brochure effectively.
Ensuring a long lasting brochure
-Giving only relevant information that will be helpful to the readers leading them to keep it, often refer to it or even pass the same to their friends and colleagues.
-Creating a brochure and designing it attractively as well as writing the content in accordance to the company profile greatly helps in being an effective one.

Motivate Readers to Look Inside

A good brochure design must focus on motivating the readers to have a look inside the same. A good cover page is the key to it as an attractive cover page basically lures customers to look inside. Adding statements that compels one to think and motivates a reader to go for reading the entire content as given in the brochure greatly helps a company in increasing the sales.

Contents Page

In larger brochures of 8 pages or even more, incorporating a Table of Contents (TOC) comes as a great relief to the readers.
-The TOC must be made in bold and must be separated from the rest of the content so that readers can directly go to their preferred section in case they are in a time crunch.
-The USP of the company must be stated in the heading so that it gains customers and be instrumental in the progress of the same.

Describe the Product

Draw a list of the main features of the product before heading out to write the description directly. This will help in effective promotion of the same as people will get to know of the salient features.

Dare to be Creative with the Shape of the Brochure

There is no hard and fast rule with respect to the shape of the brochure and one can go ahead to design and shape the same uninhibitedly and show off the creative talents one possess. Showing creativity and giving attractive shapes to the brochures helps in attracting customers for the business.

Brochures are great tools that are used for drawing the attention of people to a business. Brochures enable a business to garner a great deal of publicity within a very short time period. However, unleashing the full potential of this marketing tool requires following certain tactics and tips for ensuring success of the marketing campaign. Thus businesses must focus on all the related aspects for efficiently creating a brochure.

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