Guideline to create an effective brochure design

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Brochures are a powerful marketing tool to promote your business. An attractive and informative brochure will grab the attention of the people and convert the readers into paying customers. But for that to happen the brochure must be well constructed and the brochure design carefully planned. An organized approach always helps in constructing a successful brochure.

First step to any venture is research. You can collect the brochures of companies which provide the same products or services as you and get an idea about how your brochure should look like. You may take inspiration but make sure the ultimate idea should be unique and different from that of your competitors.

Then the decision makings begin. Whether you are designing the brochure yourself or availing to specific brochure design services, the basic decisions have to be yours.

The size of the brochure must first be decided. You must first decide as to the type of brochure design best suite for you purpose. Whether it should be, one or double sided or extend up to triple or quadruple folds. Make sure the brochure is not too small with a lot of cramped information or too big with hardly anything to say.

Once the length of the brochure is decided the next decision would be about the position of the content on the different sections and panels of the brochure. Which content should be highlighted and where to put the punch lines would determine the appeal o the brochure. The brochure should have a distinct appeal of the self.

After the basic layout is drawn out, you can concentrate on the details of the brochure design. The color scheme to be used is a very important. The color used should complement each there to create a pleasing look of the brochure. Often use of too bright and clashing colors make the brochure look unprofessional and ugly. This should be avoided as the general look of the brochure is what will initially attract the readers.

Choice of content that will go into the brochure would obviously be the next step. If the look is what attracts the people initially, it is the content that keeps them interested. So the content should be simple and engaging. All the necessary information regarding your products or services should be provided in a neat and organized manner. Haphazard content will only confuse the reader and they will lose their interest thus failing the whole purpose of a brochure design.

These simple guidelines would help you to create an effective brochure. Even if you are hiring professional brochure designing services, these guidelines would help you stay involved through the designing process to ensure that your brochures yield the best possible results!

4th Oct, 2010

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