How should be an Ideal Corporate Logo?

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Ask your three year old; what is IBM and she replies by writing the logo. Exactly, the logo is the first information that a person gets about a company. You cannot expect a toddler to give you details about the company’s functions. The logo that you want to build for your company should have the gall to provide your business a brand value. Take the help of a logo design company to get the desired logo for your company.

Given the fact that the first impression remains as the last impression, the logo of an organization has to be impressive. Bold, attractive and smart, a logo should be able to print its image in the mind of the onlooker. Unlike the policies of an organization, a logo cannot be changed quite often. It is once and for all. Hence a logo should be designed such that its importance, beauty and appeal remain forever. There are examples of Logo that created history. Audi, Mercedes, IBM, BMW, Adidas, Nike have logos that can never be forgotten.

Let’s check out how a logo should be able to present your brand.

1. Appealing and strong:

Your company’s logo must be strong enough to be appealing to viewers. A logo should be able to render the message that you want to convey. It does not matter, whether your organization is small or big, but the face of your brand should be powerful enough to gold the attention of people who look at it. Before, launching a logo it can be tested by asking people to state their opinions on a quantitative analysis basis. Logo designers India spent a lot of time to create a powerful logo.

2. Unique and distinct

Whether it is a normal logo design or e-logo design, the amount of effort contributed is plenty. As a result, the outcome too has to be unique. Sometimes, the logo of a company becomes so unique that the world knows a particular product or service through the name of the product. Just think and tell me, how many times have you heard photocopying being referred to as Xerox? As we all know Xerox is the name of famous brand that photocopies.

3. Should look different

This era has seen the emergence of numerous companies throughout the world. A new enterprise means a new logo. So, we can say that the world is flooded with logos. A logo can be unique only when it looks different from the mass. What is a logo if it cannot be differentiated from its counterparts? There is a common thing about the logos of popular companies; they are all distinct from each other. Logo designers India makes sure that the logos made your firm give you a brand value.

4. Must represent appropriately

The design created by designers at a professional logo design company should be related to the product or service you sell. Your logo may fulfill all the criteria of a good logo, but if it is not related to the product or service you are selling it cannot make a mark in the market.

5. Should add value

It is of course a proud moment for a business owner to see his or her business recognized by the logo of the brand, but it is equally important to understand that the logo must be able to add value to the company.

6. Must be able to communicate

The logo should be designed in such a way that it can communicate with people. If it is just a word or a picture, without a message, it will not have any impact on the masses.

7. A style that has a long-lasting impact

The logo which logo designers India are going to create for you should be such that it has a sustainable impact on the minds of people. Company policies may change, employees may change and so can the board of directors, but not logos. A firm with frequently changing logos cannot create a stable footprint in the market. Even before, customers realize the value of its products or service; they are smashed by a new surge of logo.

8. The perfect image

The color, font and other aspects of a logo should vividly display the image of the brand. You have to understand that the logo can showcase a funky image as well as a corporate image.

9. Target the right people

No matter what you do, if people don’t understand your logo design, then it will be ineffective. Who are you trying to target? Where are you going to display your logo design other than your web site? Will it be on your letterhead, business cards, and auto signs? Does your logo design put out the same message no matter where it is displayed?

Other important matters to think about are as follows:

# First impression is last impression

When you send a newsletter or give someone your business card, it is the logo that attracts the attention first. The logo might be also be an e-logo design. Since, the first impression forms the last impression; you have to keep the following in mind.

• Be authentic
• Do not be overly creative – business cards must be functional. Sure a uniquely sized/shaped card might generate interest but it’s very hard for a secretary to file in a business card rack.

# Branding

A brand is a valuable corporate asset and a marketing tool for success. Hence while advertising an organization through the display of the logo, one should be always careful.

# The simpler the Better

Simple, straight and intelligent – such should be the approach of the logo. Most of the successful logos are simple and straight.

# Brand name equals image

The people identify the brand name of a company only, if the logo is successful in delivering the exact image of the company. Hence the logo should carry proper message in order to build and maintain the brand image. Logo designers India makes sure that the brand image is manifested by the logo.

# Be consistent

As years pass by, a company develops a certain reputation. It is a good thing if, upon hearing the name of a company, people react immediately, of course in a positive way.

Now, that you know about the different things to be kept in mind while logo designing, harness the straps and get set for a journey that can bring you immense online traffic. The logo design company that you approach is equipped with proficient designers adept at their work. They passionately work to deliver you the perfect logo that can herald a successful business existence for you.

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15th Oct, 2015

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