Is a Tagline a Must for a Logo?

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A logo is made special by a tagline which is also referred to as slogan or strapline. Taglines convey something special about the concerned brand along with the company behind it. An ideal tagline is that which makes you think, smile or offers a smart twist on the brand. Classic examples would be ‘I’m Lovin It’ of McDonalds or ‘Just Do It’ of Nike. Some slogans are as popular as the logo. Thus, while using your company’s logo in brochure design or any other promotional material, it is always advisable to club it with a tagline so as to make it unique and easily identifiable.

What Should a Tagline Communicate?

Your slogan is meant to provide an added definition of the product or service of your company. Your brand message or promise is communicated by a rock solid strapline. If you want your slogan to succeed, it has to be succinct and possess the ability of lingering in the minds of target customers.

A slogan can also do the job of enhancing the value of your organization and offer an extra persuasive push. You can use it as a separate element within further branding or make it an inseparable part of your logo, so that it finds a place in any promotional material, including brochure design, published or displayed by you.

You can judge a slogan along the following 4 lines:


  • Memorability or Portability: It should have an impact on your language, media or culture. This is important because it is essential for your target audience to relate to the slogan, which can only happen if you opt for something that is regularly heard round and about.
  • Longevity: Does it have the ability to stand the test of time? Some taglines become so popular that they become an integral part of the brand’s identity. There are also some which are rooted more to their decade of creation. For instance, the slogan of the New York Times throughout the 1980’s was “All the News that is fit to print”. However, it does not hold much value now because there are other media of news distribution and quite powerful ones at that!
  • Originality: Does it have something different which will make you stand apart from the rest? Remember you are not the only one planning an engaging tagline to go with the logo. There are others too and there is no reason why you should underestimate them. Thus, you should go for something that is capable of breaking new ground in the industry.
  • Equity: It should become identical with the product or brand for which it is made.

The Importance of a Tagline

Sometimes, the gap between success and failure can be met by a simple yet effective tagline. If it accompanies a logo, the task of making a favorable impression on target customers becomes much easier. For this reason, it should be made a part of your logo, prominently displayed in brochure design or any other promotional material.

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4th Sep, 2013

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