Colors – The Primary Aspect of a Logo to Build Your Brand

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How exactly do you want your business to be presented to the world? No doubt you are aware of the importance of a colorful and strong logo. So, when you reach the stage of logo design, you have to be extra careful because; logos are the face of your brand.

Know the Spark of Corporate Logos

The logo of your brand is seen on your products, on the letterhead you use, at the front gate of your organization and any other place where you might want to advertise your company. Company logos are created after much research. The size, font size, shape, design, text and most of all, color combination is an important thing about logos.
The fact that color is the primary thing people are going to notice; makes it all the more significant for a brand. You should approach experienced logo designers who are efficient at their work. Color comes before any other feature of a logo.

Learn about the Magic of Color

A world without colors is like life without cell phones. Can you imagine what would have happened if the only colors in the world had been black and white? Well, one thing I know for sure is that plants would have turned carnivorous due to lack of chlorophyll and photosynthesis would have been a Utopian word. Forget about plants being life givers, they would have become life takers.

A colorless life is a painful existence. Children would never be excited by looking at the seven colors of rainbow. The effect of color on our minds is more than that of words. You might keep reading a book without absorbing a single word, but the moment you see some color your attention is drawn towards the colored text. Why do you think children’s books are filled with colorful pictures and colored texts? The stimulus sent by colors is stronger than that of words.

See the Glint of Color in Corporate Logos

When creating a logo for a company the concept of color is approached from separate disciplines, namely, physiology, psychology, philosophy, and art.

The color used for preparing a logo is highly researched. If the color choices in the logo is taken lightly or ignored, it may lead to the “turning off” of possible customers instead of attracting new buyers.

Using colors to a company’s advantage is not easy. There are varieties of colors to choose from, but a right choice has to be made in order to make a logo successful. Again, you have to remember that the color that suited the logo of a competitor may not suit yours. Let the logo designers know about your preference and the activities that your company does. He or she will come up with something that appeals to you and your target customers.

A logo design specialist tries to find out how people react to certain colors, how certain colors will help highlight the logo he or she has prepared. He or she tries to use the best combination of colors and text to give out the exact message of an organization. The result will be a logo that is both memorable and optimized for color use.

Let’s find out about the aspects that matter while deciding on the logo color.

1. Color psychology

Before understanding color psychology, you need to understand the meaning of psychology in general.
It is the mental attribute of a person in relation to a particular context.

So, in this matter, color psychology is the attitude towards a particular color. Different colors have different importance in different communities. Hence, the psychology of colors will also differ from one community to another. Therefore, for experienced logo designers the first step towards selection of colors is to identify the target audience of a particular organization. An intense research of the audience’s taste, choice and preference should be done before selection of colors.

General perspective identifies red, yellow and peach with brightness. On a broader classification, red stands for power and excitement; yellow indicates optimism and cheerfulness; and peach stands for confidence and creativity. The colors that are considered dull are green, blue and purple. Green indicates harmony and peacefulness; blue stands for calmness and honesty; and purple signify inspiration and beauty.

In some communities, black is identified with evil while some relate it to elegance. Again, white is sterility for a community and innocence for another.

What about people who are color-blind? If Braille could invent an entire system for them, I hope you can arrange for a logo that they understand by touching.

2. Choosing the perfect color

The world is a palate of myriad colors. We can choose anything and everything from it. But, making the right use of color is very important. Otherwise, viewers may get confused and may get repelled. The colors should be able to convey the message of the brand. They should manifest clearly, so that people find interest in your brand.

The designers will have enough scope to play with ideas and colors, but often-simple designs and prominent colors have been successful to make a mark in the market.

E-logo design has become quite common these days. Logos are often created for websites. Achieving color harmony is a science, and knowing how to arrange colors is an art. Therefore, choosing colors for logo design require meticulous trial and error rounds. A halfhearted effort can never give out a proper result. Management of color is both subjective and technical exercise. Picking the right colors and combinations of colors for a project can involve many tries until the designer feels the result is right.

3. Browser-safe palette

The Web Safe or Browser-safe palette has two hundred and sixty hues that give consistent and predictcolor-palleteable results across virus platforms, namely, Windows, MacOS and UNIX. However, by using this you can utilize only two hundred and fifty-six hues.


It will be effective to use two or three major colors, which in turn will help to load the file faster.
See, I have not only stated some of the crucial colors and their meanings but have also delineated the important factors that you should keep in mind when opting for logo design. So, go ahead and hire a logo designer who can assist your brand reach the zenith of success.

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18th Nov, 2015

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  1. Very informative article…I totally agree that colors play a vital role in logo designing because logos represent your brand. So, one must choose right colors for your logo to present their logo to the world as you want to….Thanks for the share!

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