5 Tricks To Make Your Brochure Design Work Out Big Time

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Brochures are considered to be excellent advertising elements to promote a brand. They could be used to spread about your services, products, publications, sales, medical practices, new launches, etc. Most importantly, they don’t require high monetary investment. Brochures promise to be one of the cheapest form advertising to promote a brand. It is also necessary to pick a reliable brochure designer to make things easier for you. Also, the basics need to be carried out properly.

Here, we would be discussing 5 essential tricks to make the brochure designing part work wonders for you. Let’s start.

  1. Try to be practical with the designing part

Sticking to the age old designs for brochure might work sometimes, but then, there are high chances that they would falter big times. With the passing of the era, you need to accept the changes. Focusing on new designs that would cater to the Gen-X category would be essential to make the part effective. However, always keep the basics same. Introduce new elements to the brochure design while being practical to the approach. Maintain the basics as they used to be during the earlier days.  Remember, your primary aim is to convey a positive message to the targeted audience. You want to convince them about the quality of services available from your business. It is necessary to ensure that the approach is simple yet convincing and effective enough to cater to the largest community possible.

  1. Focus on what you want to convey 

You need to come up with a clear mindset. Focus on your requirements or purpose that want to be served with the brochure distribution part. Explain to the brochure designer regarding the theme and content. Convey him/her the message that you want to spread through the brochure. By no means should the focus be shifted from the primary objectives. It is all about conveying the right message to the audience while not being too much skeptical in attitude. Always keep the sentences in the content short. Longer paragraphs would make the readers lose out on interest level. Always be specific and to the point. Ensure you use catchy tag lines along with suitable blurbs that would build up the attention of the readers.

  1. Choosing the color combination

When it comes to paper-based advertising elements, the designing part definitely holds the key to success. Focusing on the right color combination definitely, is an integral part of the project. Often it has been noticed that picking the wrong color combination has failed to make a maximum impact to the brochure designing project. The experience of the brochure designer being assigned the project also plays some role in this context.  Always try to match the right contrasting combination for the brochure background color. One fine option would be to use lighter shades of color being used for the logo. There could be color picking from the images being used too. Whatever may it be, the color combination part must be in contrast to the designing of the brochure. It must have a certain subtle and soothing nature to create a positive impact on the readers. Also, never try to use darker colors for the brochures. Use of the right type of colors helps in setting the mood of the readers.

  1. Handling the readability

What happens if the readers fail to understand what’s being written in the brochure due to disoriented contents? In order to avoid the scenario, always choose appropriate fonts that would be simple and easy to understand. The most common fonts to use are Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana, and Arial. Never go for too complicated designer fonts. They would be difficult for some readers to understand. You purpose is to make sure that the message being conveyed through the brochure is readable by each and every reader. So, try to avoid trendy and scripting fonts. Mention it clearly to the brochure designer prior to the starting of the project.

  1. Picking the right type of illustration

Photos could either make or break the audiences. Henceforth, it is extremely important to focus on the images that you plan to use for the brochure. Always opt for high-resolution photos, large enough to cater to the readers. Also, the images must be in the context of the content being highlighted in the brochure.


Brochures are capable enough to drive high traffic towards your website as well the social media business accounts. You can even use the augmented reality services or QR codes for even more effective information sharing and promotional campaigning. Using the augmented reality services and QR codes, it becomes easy enough to create a perfect linking between the paper printed marketing elements with the digital world of internet.

27th Jul, 2016

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