Importance of Professional E-cards

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Days of sending greetings cards by posts are nearing their ends as individuals prefer sending online cards. Options are wider for e-cards as compared to printed varieties and cheaper too. Creation of these cards is a specialized task and done by a brochure design company. These designers using latest tools create cards that are visually tempting and contextually innovative.

Greetings cards are usually sent during festivals such as Christmas, Diwali, New Year or ceremonies like birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements. Each of these varieties is designed with great care and attention to make them attractive. Current generation professionals focus on creating online or e-greetings cards. The demand is progressive for e-cards as cost involved are much less and convenience of sending much more as compared to traditional printed cards. As increasing number of users rely on electronic cards, there has been a remarkable shift in card designing patterns.

Animated e-cards

This is an exciting possibility with online cards only. Animations, in either 2D or 3D are not possible in printed cards and a distinctive feature of online varieties. When displayed over a site or as part of online catalogue, they appear captivating. You could choose one or several of these e-cards created by a brochure design company for sending to recipients across the globe. Animated characters and objects make a card standout among different options. Even in animated category it is possible to have a customized card designed based on your preference. Once a card is selected it may be sent online at amazingly reduced rates.

Video e-card

Such greetings cards are unthinkable with printed categories. Video e-card goes several steps ahead of animated varieties. If animated category is restricted to drawn objects and characters, a video card is more expressive and eye-catching. This is very popular among organizations and institutes. For sending out invitations to a product launch party, a video card not only adds weight to your company’s image, but also makes your invitation more acceptable. In this era of tough competition when it is important to stand out among rivals, such small gestures go a long way in establishing long standing business relationships.

A brochure designing company may utilize this variety of card for personal invitations also. A greetings card conveying wishes for an anniversary when attached with videos makes it more personal and dramatic.

Holiday Games

Including a game to your holiday greetings is an innovative way of including professionalism to your creations. This is particularly applicable for greetings sent from one company to another. As there are not limits to games creation, the varieties under this class could be innumerable. These online messages in addition to being complimentary are also entertaining. Online games thus designed are tempting to recipients of all ages.

Sending gifts

Gift in the form of cut outs is another innovative variation of online greetings. To send such cut outs to several recipients could be expensive in traditional on paper designing. Cost being an important factor in business operations, it is essential to control expenditures within a specific limit. Unwarranted or unplanned spending is never a healthy habit for organizations.

Professionals in a brochure design company are imaginative and keep on innovating newer ideas for their online varieties of greetings and invitations.

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7th Mar, 2013

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