Secrets to Make Your Leaflet Marketing Super Successful

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Marketing is all about making people aware of your existence. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes and you will understand the impact of marketing. Suppose, you go to your local store to buy toothpaste and the shopkeeper offers you a product you never heard of; will you buy it? May be it has great ingredients, but unless you see an ad, the toothpaste is ‘not desirable’ to you. Leaflets or flyers are one of the best mediums for brand promotion and since it does not cost thousands of dollars to get the best leaflet design, even the small scale companies can invest in it.
However, everyday people receive dozens of flyers in shopping malls and via mail, but only a few of them truly leave a permanent impact on the consumers’ psyche. If you want to promote your business through a flyer, then need to know how it works. A good flyer grabs viewers’ attention, generates interest and asks them to take an action. So, what are the essential factors for effective leaflet marketing?

# Pay Attention to Credibility:

People expect to see professionalism in a printed flyer. If you can spend $100 for business card design to prove that you are a corporate, then you should be able to spend generously for high quality flyer design and print. A flyer is like a representative of your brand and if it looks like a poor man’s handbill, it does not deserve a second look.

# Know What the Customers’ Want:

You must have a clear idea about the things your prospective clients want from you and the questions they may have in their mind. For example, if you offer coaching in competitive exam, then your target market will have the following questions. “What type of competitive exam?” “How much do you charge?” “What if I don’t pass the exam first time?” Answer these questions sequence wise to show clients the ‘reasons’ to choose your coaching institute.

# Describe your Products or Service but don’t make it Boring:

People spend only a few seconds to scan a flyer and the best way to convince them about the quality of your products or services is highlighting the benefits. Instead of saying “we have the best products”, try to tell what makes your product better than others. Take a look at these two examples. “We offer the best computer repair services in town”. “We offer wide range of computer repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”. Does not the second one sound more enticing? It gives reasons to call your office and not your competitor.

# Keep the design simple:

If you want the best leaflet design, then remember that fonts and colours need to be used moderately. Too many images and fonts will only confuse the target customers. There is not much space in a leaflet and thus, you need to use one-two large and strong images to convince the customers. For example, if you want to promote your hotel, then an image of your hotel exterior and an image of the deluxe room will be sufficient.

# Address customers personally:

Instead of writing “we” you can use “you” and “your”. This way you can address the customers directly and make it look like a conversation. For example, “we offer the best beauty products” sounds like a baseless propaganda. But, if you write, “Are you looking for the best beauty products? Visit our store to get what you want.” It sounds much more nice and welcoming.

# Sell fast:

Don’t write hundreds of lines to tell people what you sell. When it comes to flyer marketing, you have to sell fast. As you explain the benefits of your products or services, tell the customers what you sell. For example, “Do you love fried chicken? Visit our restaurant today to enjoy mouth watering fried chicken.”

# Decide the size carefully:

Leaflets are generally distributed among the pedestrians and crowds in shopping mall. So, basically your target customers are walking and they will put the piece of paper in their pockets. In case it is too big, people will simply throw it in a dustbin. Therefore, it is wise to use A6 size paper for leaflet printing. It is small enough to put inside pocket or purse.

# Think about distribution:

You have to go through a trial and error method to determine the most effective flyer distribution system. You may decide to distribute them on their own. For example, some companies keep the flyers in a tray in trade shows and when people visit the booth, they pick up the flyers. On the other hand, some companies hire people to distribute leaflets on road and some insert it in newspapers or magazines.

# Tell people how to communicate:

Every flyer must have a call-to-action like “visit our store”, “buy now” etc. but call-to-action is not enough to bring the customers. When you launch a new product or if your company is new, people are bound to have many questions about you/your products. You can’t provide all the information about your business in the flyer. Therefore, for successful leaflet marketing you must give your phone number, office address and email ID; so that customers can contact you anytime and learn all the details about your company.

# Track the success:

Suppose you are spending $500 on TV ads and $500 on pamphlets to promote your new restaurant. Every day hundreds of customers are visiting your restaurant. So, how do you know whether TV ads are bringing the customers or the leaflets? You have to track the success of your flyer marketing in order to ensure good return on investment. Hence, you can add a discount coupon with the leaflets and ask the customers to bring the coupon when they visit your restaurant. This way, you will be able to count the exact number of customers who are paying attention to your flyer.

As you can see, best leaflet design will not ensure marketing success if you don’t track the customers’ response. Follow the suggestions mentioned above and you will be able to attract maximum number of clientele.

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