Simple Guidelines to Effective Brochure Design

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Brochure is considered an essential marketing tool but having a mere brochure does not bring success. Professionally designed brochure is necessary to earn credibility for your business. A potential business person knows well the importance of proper brochure design. Bi-fold brochure letter (A4 size), leaflet letter, bi-fold brochure (A3 size), tri fold brochure and folder with flap and insert are several kinds of brochures.

Customers are intelligent enough to find the best service and here brochure plays a significant role supporting potential customers. When it comes to business marketing brochure has wide reach. It, can any day, prove to be a strong challenge to Web. Web gains most of the importance today but a brochure serves the purpose of a business representative stating whereabouts of your business and your products. This can also be termed as a tool for direct marketing. Custom brochure design therefore is no less significant. Brochure design services are offered by prominent graphic and web designing companies in India and abroad at low cost but greater level of perfection. What your speech cannot do, your brochure can do in no time winning your clients’ appreciation.

Brochure design is an all inclusive art form where clear conception is required. A designer needs to know the purpose of a brochure. A brochure of an educational institution and a medical organization may have been designed with one common purpose of attracting more people but their approach is bound to be different. This, a brochure designer must learn at the very basic. Custom brochure design is all about ability to classify among different purposes that a brochure serves, selection of relevant images, choice of colors and identifying differences in page layout.

Therefore planning is essential and wins primary importance in custom brochure design. Here the designing company and the client should come to a discussion first. Knowing client’s demand is imperative. At the end of the day you have to produce what your client wish to see in his/her brochure.

Content still play a deciding role. An ideal brochure is a combination of suitable content, proper mixing of colors and shades and relevant images. There should be a balance between content and images used. Take care that your brochure does not look clumsy, overcrowded with either of contents and pictures. The sole aim of a brochure is to look informative. It will answer all the questions coming to your customers’ minds about your organization or service or products. It should cover all in a certain span. Being too much informative, on the other hand, may cause monotony. Your customers will prefer to go for quick scan of your brochure to find whether it is delivering all the information they want to know.

Whether it is all about a tri fold brochure design or a leaflet letter ideal brochure design should incorporate the following:

  • Keep your statement short and simple

  • Avoid jargons and unnecessary ornamentation

  • It is always better to avoid acronyms

  • Your message should be your key concern. Let not lose it amidst loads of information

  • Address your customers directly

  • Headings and relevant sub-headings makes searching easier for the reader

  • Select suitable, eye pleasing shades of colors

  • Include relevant images

16th Jan, 2012

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  1. Thank you very much for this post about the greatest marketing tool – brochure or pamphlets . I really want to know what is the difference between brochure and pamphlet :O

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