The Art of Writing Engaging Brochure Content

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Though the role of social media and other online marketing tools for advertising services and products are gaining popularity everyday, one cannot ignore the role of brochures in marketing.


Designing and choosing content are two of the vital aspects of brochure creation. A brochure designer analyzes the main purpose of these brochures and tries to understand how those should be written in order to sell a product, service or an idea successfully. The writing should be simple yet catchy and should convey the right message to its customers.

Target audience

While writing convincing content for brochures, one should always have a fair idea about the target audience. The writer should use different tones while writing for shareholders, customers, business associates or employees. Remember the content of a B2B brochure should always be different from that of a B2C brochure.

Stimulate the interest of readers

Writers should use words or sentences that have the ability to grab attention of readers and, in turn, may convert them to potential customers. Write about facts which are little-known and relate them with the products and ideas which you want to promote. Always try to convey the message in a one-on-one tone as this will grab attention of each and every customer. A brochure designer always ensures that the content follows a logical sequence as this contributes to a complete sales cycle.

Combination of words and pictures

A designer should combine words with pictures to make the brochures more attention grabbing. One should always use words which induce the reader to buy the product. A suitable image along with these compelling words is likely to influence the decision of the reader.

Content Table

A brochure with a content table can make a world of a difference in the marketing of your products and services. It is usually seen that readers like to find the key elements of a product or service and a proper table is suitable for this purpose. Any reader can go through the table and have a fair idea about the key points that the flyer wants to convey.

Statistics and Facts

Any compelling brochure content should have facts and figures related to the products or services. Real life examples and data are more suitable for enriching the content of such promotional items.

Asking for action

Content should be written in such a way so as to ask the reader to perform some action, thereby converting him to a potential buyer. You can ask readers to fill some sort of coupon in order to get discount while purchasing a product or you can ask them to fill a contact form so that company’s representatives can call them later.

These are some of the points a brochure designer needs to keep in mind in order to come up with compelling promotional materials.

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29th Apr, 2013

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