Tips for Effective and Appealing Tri Fold Brochure Design

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Each marketing tool adopted by a company to further its business has its specific benefits and advantages. Brochure design is one such tool that is used by companies in abundance to widen their reach and create awareness among targeted customers. A brochure can be of varied types. Its design depends on the nature of the company and the product or service it provides. One popular choice is tri fold brochure design. It is a tri-panel bi-fold brochure that is used abundantly by small and medium-sized businesses since you can easily mail it in a standard-sized envelope. A sheet of paper is folded twice so that three panels are created on each side. This gives shape to a tri fold brochure.

Most companies insist on custom brochure design as it gives them the opportunity to directly interact with their consumers. An advertisement shown on print or electronic media, however effective it is cannot create that personal connection between an organization and its customers. However, there are certain golden rules that should be followed by any company providing brochure design services so that this promotional tool is able to achieve its ultimate goal and objective.

Let us see what these rules are:

  • The text holds the most important position in tri fold brochure design. It should be short and crisp so that the reader can easily comprehend the main points just by glossing over the piece. An overload of text might scare him away. Always address your potential customer directly. This gives a personal touch to the message.
  • The text should contain proper headings and subheadings so that it is easier for the reader to focus on aspects that are of special interest to him.
  • Industry jargons should be strictly avoided even if the brochure is meant for industry professionals. Companies providing brochure design services stress highly on simplicity of language.
  • The front cover is a crucial aspect of brochure design. You must have heard of the saying: first impression is last impression. This rule applies to tri fold brochure design as well. It has to be visually captivating in order to grab the attention of the viewer so that he is compelled to open it and see what is in store for him inside. An ideal front cover would be the one which consists of the company name, logo and an attractive tagline that describes the product or services in brief. Make sure the front cover is uncluttered. Too much text can ruin everything.
  • The back cover of the brochure should not contain anything else apart from contact information. This is an important but often overlooked feature of brochure design. It is likely that majority of your customers won’t even look at it. So if it contains any important information, it can easily be ignored by them. In order to give a better shelf life to your brochure, you can list fax or phone number, email addresses, website address etc on the back cover.

These are some of the most basic tips regarding custom brochure design. If you want to excel in the art of making attractive brochures, you have to study those of big companies and analyze them carefully in order to grasp the subtle nuances of the craft.

30th Mar, 2012

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