Tri Fold Brochure Design – Its Significance

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Brochure design is a method through which big companies or organizations can attract more customers for their products through an easy and reasonable way. It is mainly handled by professionals who use crisp and simple languages along with smart images and writings to attract the customers. Important information about the product or the company is always included in such work and it is made in such a way that it can be understand even by a lay man. The tri fold brochure design is a part of brochure designing.

A tri fold brochure is divided into three parts which gives detail information about the products and the company who is selling that item. The images and font of the tri fold brochure should be plain and simple and should not be clustered. The color should be sober and sophisticated. The glossy color will hamper the product because the viewer’s attention will get distracted.

Points to be kept in mind while creating a tri fold brochure:

Language: Tri fold brochures are mainly used in small business organization as it can be mailed in a standard envelope. The language must be short and crisp so that it can immediately grab the attention of the readers. Long and boring lines will distract the readers who in return will not read about the product or the company. As it is a cheap method of advertising so it can be easily afforded by small companies. The language must be written in point wise so that the viewers can understand about the products just by going through it.

Headlines and tag lines: The brochures must be designed in such a way that it will form a direct communication with the audience. Proper headlines and sub headlines are a must. Do not use ornamental language as it is difficult for people to read. The cover of the front page must be appealing so that the readers are forced to open the whole brochure and read what is inside. A catchy tag line will also attract customers. The back cover must not contain anything more than the contact information. Viewers always try to avoid the last page, so if any important information is there then it will be lost.

Content inside the brochure: The most important part of the whole brochure is the inside part of the front panel. This space can be use to create a good summary about the company and the products. You can also inform your readers the advantages of choosing your company. The inside of the brochure is a nice place to give detailed information about the items you are trying to sell. The information must have an intro along with a body describing the products in one or two paragraphs and then a conclusion discussing the usage of the products.

So from the above points it is quite clear that tri fold brochure design needs to be done in a proper manner. Any mistake can lead to marring the reputation of the designing company and also the organization’s. Proper measures need to be taken for a good result.


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6th Aug, 2012

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