Ultimate Tips on How to Design a Logo

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Is designing a logo simple? Of course, not. Logo is not merely about placing a name and image within a square. If you are wondering how to design a logo, always remember that a corporate emblem is more than just images and words. They tell you a story about a company. This is the reason why logo designers are in high demand across the globe. A logo has a considerable impact on the brand perception and the attitude of the customers towards the product. In fact logos can also influence a customer’s decision to purchase. Branded logos are everywhere nowadays. Even children can identify various company logos. Have you ever thought why? One of the major reasons is that these logos are easy to recall. This should be one of the primary focuses of a good logo. They are instant reminders of a company brand.

Check out the following tips on how to design a logo:


1. Uniqueness Juxtaposed with Intellect

People look for a custom logo design as it helps their brands to stand out from the rest. These are necessary to build a separate image. It is important to keep in mind that your designers do not copy from existing examples. It is vital to create something that is different. If you are treading the same path then it surely not help you create a separate identity for the brand. Uniqueness is a primary requirement for designing a logo. There are various platforms where the designers can check their originality. Thus, what the market requires is creating something out of the box. To achieve this end you should hire good logo designers who can cleverly design for you.

2. Comprehend the Brand Objective

For creating compelling custom logo design it is important that the designer understands completely about the brand objective. Logos are the first visual introduction of the brand to the customers. Designers’ creation must convey the proper message to the customers. There are various ways in which a successful logo can be created. For instance, a designer can jot down points about the brand, or find out images that remind him of the company’s objectives or check out a certain website for drawing inspiration. In fact researching on other visual brands can help immensely to decide how to design a logo. In this regard also check out whether the company is stressing on utility or is it more emotion driven. Such factors will help the designers to create a relevant logo.

Finally, it is important to know what your logo conveys. Every logo has its own story. This can only be achieved once the designers comprehend everything about the brand.

3. Colour is Important

Colour is a key factor when you are designing a logo. Your choice of colour must be in tandem with the brand personality. For this, you must know what each colour stands for. For instance, bright and bold colours like red and maroon may attract attention but if you use them generously for a hospital website, it would appear garish. Thus, the hues should be well coordinated with the business ideology. For a sophisticated feel, you might opt for earthly or mute tones. Thus, it is vital that you do not use the wrong colours, and, in turn, send across the wrong message.

4. Focus on the Name

This is another important tip to remember when you are wondering how to design a logo. There are two elements in a logo – a symbol and word-mark. Before representing itself only with a symbol, it is necessary that the company is engaged in some kind of advertising. In case the name of the company is unique then they can get away with a logotype. But if it has a common name then it needs a logo mark. The typefaces should not have gimmicky fonts. Look at Coca Cola it is popular for its font. There are various companies which try to ape them and fail miserably.

5. Logo should be Simple and Flexible

Do you want your logos to look interesting? The best way to ensure this is to keep them simple. When designers keep wondering on how to design a logo with a difference, they often get carried away in their enthusiasm. Do not clutter the image. Take a look at FedEx. Their is a simple logo type yet it is different. Simplicity does not always mean ordinary. Another thing to remember is that this is the age of the social media. The logos are used across multiple platforms for promotion. There are platforms where the logo might have to be altered in size. Thus, it is important that your logo has the flexibility to be adjusted with various platforms. Also it must look good on all kinds of backgrounds, both print and digital.

But changes for logos do not end with the Internet. A logo must transcend time. Companies do not opt for new logos every financial year. Rather over the ages they might opt for certain tweaks. Thus, the designers must take this into account. Their designed logos must be open to little changes along the way.

6. Success is not instant coffee

Do you think the all the iconic logos tasted success in a jiffy? Well, no, they didn’t. You cannot expect immediate success with logos. Even if you have created a custom logo design with the most powerful elements it takes time for them to become popular. The success of the logo is also dependant on that of the product. In spite of creating one of the most outstanding designs, it can vanish from public memory just because the product line failed. So how the iconic logos survived? The prime reason is that they spell brand objectivity. Be it Nike or Adidas, their logos follow the brand principle.

7. Utilize the Online Tools

If you are looking for information on how to design a logo then you can find that online. There are various websites which can actually help you create an impactful logo. When you have tools at your behest you can easily avoid the clichés and come up with something unique.

These are some of the basic tips that can help you to build effective logos for various kinds of brands.

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