Useful Brochure Design Tips

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A brochure is usually taken as a tool of promotion. Services and products of a company get advertised through it. So, while designing it, make sure that your booklet is going to be noticeable among the crowd. In order to do this, you can follow the below-mentioned points:

  • Plan First
    Careful pre-planning is essential for developing an outstanding brochure design. First try to be familiar with the function of the brochure and also undertake market research. Then, be sure about the fact that if the brochure will be used alone or will be used with the advertising materials, like, print ads, catalogs etc. Then try to enquire how this leaflet will be send to the clients. And last but not least try to understand what are the features your customers are expecting from your products so that you can highlight those points in the brochure.
  • An Attractive Cover
    Cover is the first thing that we all can see. So, make it as visually appealing as possible. Give a bright color to your brochure and also write down the main message on the brochure cover. Thus by properly designing the brochure cover, motivate the people to open that information sheet.
  • Try Out Different Shapes
    There can be different shapes of a brochure, but always try to choose a unique shape for your brochure so that anyone can notice it from the other company’ brochures. If you can afford try out different shapes and also use your imagination as much as possible. But always give that shape which will go well with your message.
  • Write the Brochure Content to the Point
    Do not confuse the customers with unnecessary information. Keep the content brochure to the point. Added to this, you should also give relevant headline and subheads. You can also make short sections, for each idea.
  • Organizing the Information
    The content of the brochure should be organized in a proper way so that the targeted audience can easily understand the message you are intended to convey them. However, in order to provide information do not make the content boring and uninteresting.
  • Visualize the Ideas
    A single image may be more influential than text. So, it is better to use photos of the advertised products. These images may encourage people to buy those products.
  • Call to Action
    Incorporate a strong closing message inspiring the customers to do what you want them to do.

These are undoubtedly the most remarkable points that one follows while providing brochure design services to the clients.

6th Oct, 2009

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